SilentMode’s Predictions: Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review

I wish there was a way to subscribe to the LEGO Ideas weblog, so I can keep tabs on everything going on more efficiently. However, I did notice the update on Twitter about the Third 2017 Review, in which seven projects made the cut.

There are some great projects up for review this time around, and certainly a better selection than the Second 2017 Review. However, I still find myself not being excited. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times?

My preferred choice…

I agree with Leftoverparts1 in the comments section of the post (though I don’t expect any brownie points!) about the Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats. It’s the project I’d be most willing to buy of the seven, particularly if there’s some level of functionality/articulation. I think its chances greatly depend on how successful the Caterham Super Seven was as a set.

Robenanne is clearly the toast of LEGO Ideas at the moment. With three projects in this review, he’s set to be the second person to score a LEGO Ideas double.

Of the three projects, my preferred choice is this Boat House Diner. Not only is it a unique piece of architecture, but it reminds me of old school television shows such at Quincy M.E. and perhaps even Columbo.

My prediction…

As great a chance as Robenanne has, my money is on the Pop-Up Book: a collaboration between the already successful JKBrickworks and Grant_Davis_. Though I haven’t followed the project, I have heard a lot of praise around “pop-up” style models in general. My guess is that LEGO would choose this project in an attempt to diversify; the last similar project that got through was the LEGO Maze.

I also predict that, of Robenanne’s three projects, The Lighthouse is most likely to be selected. It’s a similar style, but a different enough building to the Old Fishing Store, to warrant being its own set. It also makes the most sense in terms of continuing Anton’s story, which seems to be a thing over on LEGO Ideas.

My guess is that both aforementioned projects would be chosen, especially if the Second 2017 Review results in nothing being chosen.

What do you think?

Which projects are you most excited about, and what do you think will be chosen? At the moment there’s obviously a lot of support for a Robenanne double, but perhaps you’d like to see something else? Let me know in the comments.