Outcome of the Second 2017 LEGO Ideas Review…

I literally just found out over in a Slack forum that the results of the LEGO Ideas Second 2017 Review were announced.

As most of us expected: for only the second time, none of the projects in the review were selected.

Though posting the above image could be construed as a d*** move on my part (which I honestly didn’t intend), I’m not overly glad or happy about the outcome for the project owners. I don’t take any pleasure in seeing someone else fall short, especially after the Herculean feat of obtaining 10,000 supporters.

As mentioned in my prediction, I couldn’t see the outcome going any other way – unless LEGO decided to break their own rules.

Interesting to note is a couple of things made apparent in the video:

  • Some people over on YouTube are suggesting that LEGO will release a UCS Cloud City or Bespin City. This is in relation to an example given of licensing preventing a project from going through. I don’t like to deal in rumours or speculation, so I’m staying out of it.
  • There’s been an obvious shift in attention to the Third 2017 Review, as one of the projects has already been selected. I’ve already made my predictions, but it sounds a lot like a second project – perhaps even a third – is in the running too.

I guess we’ll eventually find out what’s what, but I’m at least relieved to finally hear about the Second 2017 Review.