YouTube Channel to be Demonetised… was hit with some bad news (at least for me!) over the Christmas period. The site is still under attack from feminist-hired hackers, but to make things a little worse…

I got an email from YouTube, saying that the channel would be demonetised from the 20th February. It’s because it doesn’t have enough viewing hours or subscribers, based on its updated conditions for partnered channels.

How I’m taking the news…

Obviously it’s never great news when a potential revenue stream has been taken away. Some people in the online Lego community might even be happy about this. Bless them.

While I can’t deny that it’s a blow to the ego, I also think it’s justified. People are obviously voting with their browsers, and my content just isn’t interesting or engaging enough. Having taken a year out of building hasn’t helped either.

I’m very much an advocate of earning things based on merit, so I’ve got no problem with admitting that I’ve fallen short when it comes to YouTube. It took reading this article on the Forbes website to understand that not everybody on YouTube should be partnered or monetised, for various reasons.

The good news is, if I somehow gain enough subscribers and viewing hours in the future, the monetisation will return. While I have considered Patreon, I seriously doubt it will work for me.

It did actually earn some revenue..!

On the plus side (and a finger to those who think I shouldn’t earn a cent!), I was surprised at the revenue analytics. The above is a screenshot of what the YouTube channel had earned in 2017. Not bad at all, considering the majority of videos were about PAB walls.

One major change to make in the future is the use of third-party music. Some very unscrupulous people have made copyright claims on music that was offered for free, which is highly annoying. It might mean having to completely redo old videos, or remove them entirely (such as the Swapfig crowdfunding campaign videos).

I’m actually looking to have some bespoke music created for future videos, whether I’ll attempt it myself or hire someone.

In closing…

Obviously it’s not great news to hear that those residual pennies won’t be rolling in any more, at least not from YouTube. All that means is I have to work on building a YouTube audience, which means focusing more on video content.

What video content would you like to see on the YouTube channel? What would encourage you to subscribe, but more importantly watch the videos? I’m all ears.