IhNohMinecraft: Brick-Built Figures.

Introducing IhNohMinecraft: my brand new creation and technique for brick-built figures. It’s in a similar vein to BrickHeadz, Funko Pop, Nintendo’s amiibos and other collectible avatars.

The concept was actually inspired by LEGO Dimensions: the idea of having different characters from different universes coming together. The selection was determined by whom I’d like to see most in a crossover adventure.

You can watch the reveal videos above, which were posted earlier this week. If you do, please subscribe to the Silentmode.tv YouTube channel for more upcoming videos.

Time to come clean!

Okay… Some of you know this isn’t a brand new concept. It’s a rebrand and a brief continuation of my Mascoteers project from late 2016, which almost everybody chose to ignore (and pretend didn’t exist) in the wake of BrickHeadz.

I haven’t quite gotten back into the spirit of building, so this was a quick solution for having something to display at this year’s Brickish Weekend. I’m definitely aiming to have more ambitious models prepared for events later this year.

The name IhNohMinecraft was derived from the phrase “It’s Not Minecraft”, and is a direct response to those special people at events who said out loud,

Ih dih Minecraft?!

(“Is this Minecraft,” for those who don’t speak Slowbian.)

The future of IhNohMinecraft – there is none.

IhNohMinecraft was intended to be the final “wave” of the old project, so there likely won’t be any more.

You’ll notice that the IhNohMinecraft line-up only consists of famous third-party characters, unlike the original that contained some of my own. Each figure is now also displayed with their name and a reference to their origin. There’s no more excuse for not knowing whom each character is.

Anyway, it was fun to design and built this last set of figures. I am disappointed with how few views the videos have gotten, and the radio silence in general. However, I have to remember that I don’t actually have an audience.

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