Pop-Up Book: The Next LEGO Ideas Project.

Coming across my desk just now was the result most of us have been waiting for: the outcome of the Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review. And just as I called in my prediction post, the Pop-Up Book – a collaborative effort by JKBrickworks and Grant_Davis_ – was chosen out of the seven candidates.

Check out the official announcement video below…

It comes as a surprise…

If you remember the outcome of the previous review: it was mentioned that one project had already been chosen, and decisions were being made on a possible second choice. As you’ll have undoubtedly seen, all six of the other projects were knocked out.

They gave it away!

I’ve not been keeping as close an eye on the goings-on in the world of LEGO, and as most of you know I don’t condone or pay any attention to leaked information.

I couldn’t help noticing – because someone decided to post it in a public space – that this upcoming free-with-purchase set looked a lot like the Pop-Up Book project.

It was posted in said space a few weeks ago, so it could only mean one thing: that a larger version (i.e. the Ideas set) would be made available, or it was another stolen appropriated concept.


In any case, I don’t have anything to add, except a congratulatory note to both JKBrickworks and Grant_Davis. JKBrickworks has managed to reach the same heights as [whats-her-name], in that they’ve both gotten both a solo and collaborative LEGO Ideas project under their belt.

Stay tuned, as I’ll eventually make my world-famous prediction on the First 2018 LEGO Ideas Review. Things appear to be slowing down somewhat…