SilentMode’s Predictions: First 2018 LEGO Ideas Review

I’m back from last weekend’s third Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. While I had a great time over in Portugal as usual, I didn’t even get back to the workshop before the crap resumed hitting the fan…

But it’s not fatal, and so I’m here with another LEGO Ideas prediction post. Pretend you didn’t see it all you want, but I called the outcome of the Third 2017 Review and a few others before it!

Today it’s the turn of the First 2018 review, and the ten candidates are shown above.

SilentMode’s preferred choice…

I’m almost certain I’d featured Stitch by Legohaulic a while ago, either in UNDERATED or a part of Bricks magazine’s Big Ideas feature. In any case, I definitely remember coming across this project – and it’s great news that it’s reached 10,000 supporters.

I’m not a Disney fan, nor am I familiar with Lilo and Stitch. However, of the ten projects, I’d probably be the happiest with this one being chosen for production.

The fan favourites…

The simply named Treehouse by KevinTreeHouse appears to be the treehouse to end all treehouses. Look at all that detail!

But I can only imagine how much simplification it would go through if it gets chosen as the next LEGO Ideas set. If not done carefully, like with the Old Fishing Store, it would take away from its BBM selling point.

Don’t deny that you voted for it because it’s a Big Beautiful Model: even the photo suggests it would benefit from a lighting feature.

People over on the blog post are also going crazy for The Flintstones by AndrewClark2. I’m still not a fan of the push toward third-party IPs, but having thought about it The Flintstones actually makes sense as a LEGO theme. Fans of the cartoon would love the minifigures, while those who don’t can enjoy the resulting part/colour combinations.

Whether this is in the running or not depends entirely on licensing. It might stand a chance, given LEGO’s previous involvement with Cartoon Network (Mixels) and the upcoming Powerpuff Girls sets.

SilentMode’s prediction…

We’re either finally going to see the first ever modular building with Astronaut Avila’s Modular Arcade, or we’ll see the pizzeria concept stolen by LEGO with 2019’s (or 2020’s) official offering. (Perhaps “stolen” isn’t the correct term; more like shamelessly appropriated.)

Even though this year saw the introduction of the Downtown Diner, we also have a Parisian restaurant, a shopping mall/centre and a corner cafe. In addition, the building serving as a residential apartment as well as incorporating an arcade would make good selling points.

The only thing impeding its progress, IMO, is that it’s a corner building. Corner modular buildings are great for capturing the attention of LEGO Ideas supporters, but I don’t think enough love has been shown to those structures in between those corners.

Regardless of whether my prediction is right: I also have a very sneaking suspicion that I am Amelia Earhart – another collaboration featuring Alatariel – is going to slide through on a technicality. I can feel it in my bones.

What do you reckon?

Let me know what you think about my predictions, or which project(s) you think will be selected, in the comments section below.