Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend 2018 Slideshow

Two weekends after the fact, I finally had the time to put together the following “slideshow” video of this year’s Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend.

It was a smaller event this year, with a number of people having to drop out for various reasons. I actually think this was a good thing, as this kind of event is best enjoyed with manageable numbers.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this event for the third year in a row. I almost didn’t: unlike previous years, I had to deal with significant financial issues. But money aside, I was still able to enjoy myself. I was even 2% more social this time around!

My contribution…

SIdeways MOsaics.

Buried somewhere in the middle of the video is my display: a series of six slightly off monochrome mosaics, built sideways style. There are a lot of AFOLs who build mosaics, with some even doing it professionally, but they favour the top down approach.

It was a challenge trying to get hold of Sand Green elements. LEGO’s Bricks and Pieces restriction meant I could only purchase 200 of each part at a time, meaning having to place more three separate orders. Fortunately they had most of the parts available at a reasonable price, and the VIP points I’d been saving came in very handy.

There will be more on these mosaics in the near future.