(Re)Introducing the Mascoteers/IhNohMinecraft mini site.

At long last, the Mascoteers mini site is back online.

Snapshot of the Mascoteers/IhNohMinecraft minisite.

The Mascoteers mini site was first introduced back in 2016, forming part of my most expensive event display to date (at the Great Western Brick Show). The original version was lost after the main site was hacked.

It has since been updated with the option of IhNohMinecraft branding, and the roster is now up to date.

Try switching between the different rendering styles, indicated by the icons next to the site logo.

It’s over a week late!

The mini site was meant to have gone live last Friday, in time to receive a (hopefully) receptive audience at the Expos Nantes event hosted by Brick Ouest. Although it should have been a simple undertaking, a lot of work had been done to get it ready.

Unfortunately – as is often the case – a number of insurmountable problems came up.

  • There were problems with hosting the site in the first place, because of how the hosting solution was set up. I did get help with this in the end, but it took this long for things to finally work.
  • There was no WiFi connection at the Expos Nantes venue. (Or to be accurate: there was a WiFi connection at the venue, but nobody had/would give the login and password.) This meant the site couldn’t have been launched anyway, and certainly couldn’t have been maintained had it been launched.
  • There was a restricted WiFi connection at the hotel. Though I was finally able to upload the site once I got back to the hotel, its WiFi connection decided to prevent access to the web hosting’s control panel. This meant not being able to set up the site’s database, or access error logs.

I don’t think any of the visitors had tried to visit the site anyway, so that’s some consolation.

Vote in the poll.

Poll on the Mascoteers/IhNohMinecraft minisite.

By far the biggest reason it was so important to have the mini site, is because I’d like some votes on this poll. As it suggests, I’m asking visitors to choose a theme for what will be the very last Mascoteers IhNohMinecraft wave.

You can access the poll through the Vote link in the navigation.

Get in touch.

The site also has a basic contact form, which you can use if you have any questions or comments about the concept.

I’m not expecting anyone to understand to “get it”, or to understand what’s going on. I would be interested to hear what you folks think of my handiwork, so let me know in the comments section.