SilentMode’s Social Media Presence.

This post initially started out as my thoughts about 2018. However, I found myself talking about my (lack of?) social media presence – so why not make this post about my future strategy.

This site really needs a makeover.

First and foremost, my biggest priority for 2019 is to give this little web site a complete makeover. It’s currently a WordPress site, which was already a challenge to shape into my own image – but with its recent update it’s become virtually unrecognisable.

I’ve already started work on the new version of this site, with the help of some new skills I’ve developed. However, all isn’t as simple as it looks.

How do I structure the site? How do I manage the back end? What commenting system will I use? How will I easily maintain a social media presence? These and more issues will have to be addressed before I can release anything.

Technically I could go live with the new version of the site right now (as in within a couple of days). However, in its current state I wouldn’t have support for comments or adding new posts of any kind.

Now on Instagram.

Since I take lots of photos of my work and other interesting things, it made sense to start an Instagram account. I didn’t have one before, mostly because it’s owned by Fakebook (which I’m no longer on).

If you’re interested, my Instagram account is silentmodetv. Don’t be afraid to “like” or “double tab”/”double tap”/whatever it’s called any of my pictures on there, and leave a comment!

A replacement Twitter account.

Though I supposedly have 600+ followers on Twitter, gaining any feedback on there has been like pulling chicken teeth.

But other than that, I decided earlier in the year to create a replacement account. To keep things consistent with my other social media accounts, the new Twitter account is @silentmodetv.

Twitter is going to be used for quick reactions to current events, as well as responding to other people and the occasional rant.

If you’re actually following me on Twitter, please follow the @silentmodetv account instead of @SilentMode1.

The future of Swapfig.

More than ever, I have to consider whether to continue working on and running Swapfig. This year in particular has taken a lot of the fun out of the whole thing – too many things went wrong!

If it is to continue, the whole thing will require a complete overhaul. I’ve asked its remaining users for their feedback via a Google form, to give me a better idea of how to go about it – or whether to do it at all.

Either way, I will have a final decision by 31 March 2019.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

There’s no point in this site having a .tv domain name, if it’s got nothing to do with video… Which is why we have a YouTube channel!

Admittedly the channel has been neglected this year, due to non-LEGO work being a priority. I’ve also had to deal with the channel’s monetisation being taken away, due to YouTube’s updated policy (at least 10,000 subscribers are required).

As with Twitter and Instagram, I can be found on YouTube under silentmodetv. I’m looking to upload at least one video a month from here on in, (Let me know if you think a separate channel should be created for Pick A Brick wall content.)

Flickr or not?

If you haven’t heard, Flickr was sold to some company called SmugMug earlier this year. They in turn dropped the bombshell that free accounts would be restricted to 1,000 photos, and that Pro accounts would cost USD 50/year.

In my opinion, their decision to virtue signal the news was disrespectful. However, I do understand the move: there’s a lot of space being taken up by photos that serve virtually no purpose. The 1,000 photos restriction should, in theory, encourage people to upload only their best photos.

I’m considering giving the Pro upgrade a go, which in turn should encourage better organisation of my Flickr account. But it’s a lot of money, so I’d be looking for a significant return on investment.