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Nimuno Loops: The Toy Block Tape

One of the most annoying things about crowdfunding campaigns is that I don’t hear about them until it’s too late to make a difference. Nimuno Loops is one such project. In fact, by the time I heard about it, it was on the verge of breaking USD 1,000,000. With 21 days left (at the time of writing), it’s […]

under Crowdfunding / 21 March 2017

Beyond The Brick’s BRICKLIVE Crowdfunding Campaign

Beyond The Brick is at it again, and this time they’re crowdfunding for coverage of the upcoming BRICKLIVE event in Birmingham. This is going to be their first time covering an event outside of the States on DVD, which makes it something special. If you’re unfamiliar with BRICKLIVE, it was previously called The LEGO Show and then BRICK, where […]

under Crowdfunding / 20 October 2016

Beyond The Brick’s 2015 crowdfunding campaign

Beyond The Brick is at it again, with a new crowdfunding campaign for a DVD on this year’s BrickCon. All the information you could want about the campaign is on the Kickstarter page, but for fans of third-party LEGO-related items there are some rather cool rewards: one of which is a 3D-printed LEGO figure of your […]

under Crowdfunding / 14 September 2015

Crazy Arms Kickstarter Campaign

The crowdfunding madness continues over on Kickstarter, with another LEGO-related campaign – this time by a mysterious group called Crazy Bricks. Crazy Arms is a potential new product that aims to address a major shortcoming with minifigures: the lack of posing ability with their arms. Their solution is a new system where new arm shapes can […]

under Crowdfunding / 31 July 2015

WE Did it!

A huge thank you to everybody who got behind the campaign. Things came to a head at 10:30am today, and something I hadn’t expected at all turned up in my mailbox: an email saying that Project Swapfig’s second (and last!) crowdfunding campaign had succeeded. A total of 44 people (including myself) got together and pledged just […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 16 November 2013

Less than 24 Hours Left to Support!

Folks, I had to put this post up to let you know there’s less than 24 hours before Project Swapfig’s crowdfunding campaign comes to an end – so now’s the time to visit the link and make a pledge of however much you want to make a pledge for. The funny thing is, I thought the […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 15 November 2013

10 Days Left: Caption Contest

There are only ten days left before Project Swapfig’s second crowdfunding attempt comes to an end, and to make things more interesting I’m running a caption competition once a day for those last ten days. You should be able to see the post made in the Facebook group explaining all, or a link to the post […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 05 November 2013

Mechabrick – LEGO + Board Game + Mechs!

2013 seems to be the year of LEGO-related crowdfunding projects, with a number of raging successes and disappointing failures along the way. Even I’ve been involved in the mix. Just this week there’s been another contender for that crowdfunding gwop, and it’s going really strong. Mechabrick is a table-top board game based around Japanese-style mechs, […]

under Crowdfunding / 17 October 2013