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Lego House Test Event, August 2017.

As many of you know, the new Lego House in Billund, Denmark is going to be opening soon. During my very first visit to the home of Lego, I saw the house under construction. Thanks to my loose connections, I was given the opportunity to have a preview of the Lego House. There were two […]

under Events / 28 August 2017

VIDEO: Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend 2016

Better late than never (because of the video editing software) is our slideshow video of this year’s Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend, which took place in Portugal back in June. Similarly to the Bricktastic video, I decided to do a photo slideshow instead of the usual walkthrough style. Video footage from this year’s Brickish Weekend took a long time […]

under Events, Videos / 17 July 2016

VIDEO: Bricktastic 2016 Slideshow

Last weekend saw the annual Bricktastic event, held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex in, well, Manchester. Bricktastic is a public LEGO event held by the charity Fairy Bricks, which made its début in Manchester last year. This year’s Bricktastic was and should be considered a success: as well as the usual gathering of new and familiar faces, […]

under Events / 08 July 2016

Selfridges Windows at BRICK 2015

One of the numerous big displays at BRICK 2015 was a minifigure scale version of Selfridges, designed and built by Lee McGinty. To help raise money for Fairy Bricks, each of the windows in the model were allocated in a silent auction, in which yours truly took part. Each of the windows had space for […]

under Events / 14 February 2016

LEGO Seller Shout-Out for BRICK 2015

Before I forget, I’d like to give a shout-out to the following stores, for supplying the parts necessary for me to complete my BRICK 2015 contributions. From Brick Owl: Design7 Bricks Em’s Bits and Bobs Kendal Bricks Little Hippo Bricks and from the other site: A Mix Of Bricks BenG Bricks brickshop.germany BRIX-N-PARTS CHUBBIE MINGS’ STORE […]

under Events / 20 December 2015

BRICK 2015 London: the walkthrough

Once again (that’s me!) brings you a walkthrough video, this time of the biggest event in the UK this year. This BRICK 2015 walkthrough is of the event at the London ExCeL: there was another event at the Birmingham NEC earlier this year, but I was too occupied to be able to attend that one. There are event videos, and […]

under Events, Videos / 20 December 2015

SilentMode at BRICK 2015 London

For the fourth consecutive year, I’m going to be exhibiting at next week’s BRICK 2015 event in London, held at the London ExCeL. Make sure you get your tickets to see your pal SilentMode at BRICK 2015. The odd thing this time around is that I haven’t been my usual excited self about being part of […]

under Events / 05 December 2015

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Pre-Publication Event

History will be made on the 23rd August, when Foyles book store hosts a pre-publication workshop for DK’s newest LEGO book, called LEGO Awesome Ideas. As well as being able to buy a copy of the book before it hits the shelves, you’ll also get the chance to meet some of the contributors to this […]

under Events / 13 August 2015 Christmas Party 2014 “comic strip”

For anyone who still visits this dark corner of the online LEGO community, we at wish you a Merry rest-of-Christmas. Expect us to make a big impression in 2015, whether with this site or on Project Swapfig. We liked doing last year’s Christmas Party comic strip so much that we came back with another […]

under Events / 25 December 2014

Photos from BRICK 2014

I don’t have much to add to the compliments heaped on the organisers, but I want to give them a shout out for BRICK 2014: easily the biggest event I’ve been to and exhibited at to date. For me it was worth the wait since The LEGO Show in 2012 – just wish I could have […]

under Events / 02 December 2014