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Announcing SilentMode’s Store Crawl.

Next month, provided everything goes according to plan, I will be taking on the challenge of visiting all 14 LEGO retail stores in the UK in succession. Because giving credit is a big thing for, I should mention this isn’t an original idea. Another AFOL (not sure whether to mention their name or not) did […]

under Miscellaneous / 02 August 2017

Current State of Affairs.

As I’ve probably mentioned before: my 2017 has started in a tumultuous fashion. Emotions have been running wild, and a few not-so-great things have happened as a result. However, things are finally starting to recover. Fund-raising event in Surrey. For the benefit of those who didn’t listen: I had pledged not to participate in any events […]

under Miscellaneous / 17 April 2017

Ideas and Execution.

Though I’ve put on a brave face over the last few months, I was initially very bothered with the official BrickHeadz series. BrickHeadz came in the wake of my Mascoteers series, which I’d spent the best part of 2016 showcasing and promoting. BrickHeadz were launched around a month ago, and the online LEGO community has been lapping them up since. […]

under Miscellaneous / 20 March 2017

No Events (For Me) in 2017.

Hello folks. This post serves as my announcement that the rumours are indeed true… This year’s Great Western Brick Show was my last event of 2016, and for the foreseeable future. I won’t be exhibiting at or attending any events at all, at least until 2018. What happened? Since the weekend of the Great Western Brick Show, I’d […]

under Miscellaneous / 30 October 2016

Great Western Brick Show (STEAM) 2016 Slideshow

Thanks to crappy upload speeds, it took almost two whole days to upload. But it’s finally here: our slideshow video of this year’s Great Western Brick Show (otherwise known as STEAM). As is typical, I haven’t gotten any feedback whatsoever on whether the slideshow format works, or if video footage is more appropriate. Bearing in mind the […]

under Miscellaneous / 07 October 2016

Brickheadz, CubeDude, Mascoteers, Kubros…

The banner image for this post shows four different styles for brick-built figures. From left to right: LEGO’s newly announced Brickheadz; CubeDude by Angus MacLane; our very own Mascoteers; Mega Bloks’ Kubros (which doesn’t have a Batman, so I used Master Chief instead). As is evidenced by the comments on the linked Brickset article, only three […]

under Miscellaneous / 22 July 2016

Final Batch of LEGO Minifigures Online Codes

You might be aware that LEGO Minifigures Online is coming to a close at some point, because – like most things online – there weren’t enough of you willing to pay to play. All of these codes I’ve had lying around are for Series 15 minifigures, and again I have no idea what belongs to […]

under Miscellaneous / 17 June 2016

Some Codes for LEGO Minifigures Online, part 2

Here are some more codes for LEGO Minifigures Online, if you’re [still] into it, from Series 13. Once again these are on a first come first served basis, and I have no idea what each of these codes is for or if they’ve already been used. The only thing I ask: if any of these codes […]

under Miscellaneous / 30 April 2016

Disney Characters That Should Be Collectible Minifigures

I don’t like Disney. Imagine how thrilled I was, then, when LEGO announced a dedicated Disney Collectible Minifigures series. Various reviews (by those fortunate enough to get advance copies) have been plastered all over the web, and there have even been early sightings in the stores. Unlike the others thus far, this series has 18 minifigures instead of the usual 16. […]

under Miscellaneous / 08 April 2016

Mom, Dad, Baby and Wheelchair

You’ve probably heard the big news earlier this month (or even further back): that LEGO has finally included a wheelchair in a set. It was revealed at one of the toy fairs, with numerous photos floating around. I know people have been clamouring for a LEGO-based wheelchair, with some going as far as building their own. I […]

under Miscellaneous / 24 February 2016