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SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Cardiff

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 goes into uncharted territory for the last time, as our next encounter is in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff is by far the most horrible LEGO store to get to, as the nearest store in either direction takes over three hours to get to. As mentioned before, the store’s closing times on a Sunday […]

under Miscellaneous / 11 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Liverpool

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 continues with probably the most stressful leg today, as it’s time to visit the Liverpool store. What made this a particular challenge was the Liverpool visit falling on a Sunday. Not only are all the UK stores open from 11am to 5pm, but the trains are in extra lazy mode. As it […]

under Miscellaneous / 10 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Manchester

We are now halfway into SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017, but we’ve only visited five of the UK’s 14 stores! After a brief stop in Nottingham, today was the turn of the Manchester store. Having been to Manchester a few times before, starting with the first ever LEGO Show (now BRICK LIVE), this was my first dip into […]

under Miscellaneous / 09 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Sheffield

Here we are, at the end of the first “double” of SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017. I’m about ready to go to bed, but not before recapping my visit to the Sheffield LEGO store. At this point I’ve reached one of those “why am I doing this?” stages. Despite the videos and Flickr images, the Store Crawl […]

under Miscellaneous / 08 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Leeds

It’s the third day of SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017, and it’s also the first of three “doubles”. My first stop was Leeds, which is another city I hadn’t visited before. Lessons were learned from the previous day, as I’d booked my train ticket in advance and made sure I knew which train I was catching. […]

under Miscellaneous / 08 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Newcastle

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 reaches its second day, as I made the next bold step into Newcastle. Like Glasgow, I had never visited Newcastle before now. Unfortunately I’d made a rather expensive mistake today. I ended up having to buy two (non-refundable) Advance train tickets, because I was confused about which train to catch. The confusion came […]

under Miscellaneous / 07 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Glasgow

After months of talking, the SilentMode Store Crawl 2017 is finally underway. I took a sleeper train to the first city on my itinerary, and it was a heck of an uncomfortable journey. A word of advice: if you are going to catch a sleeper train, it’s likely worth paying for a private (or even […]

under Miscellaneous / 06 September 2017

Outcome of the Store Crawl Sale!

Throughout August I held a sale in both my Brick Owl and [other site] stores. This was to raise a little cash for my Store Crawl, which officially begins… tonight. Thanks to everybody who bought something from either store in August, whether they were aware or not. The total turnover was GBP 188.78. (This is before PainPal […]

under Miscellaneous / 05 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl: Dates Confirmed.

As you can see from the promotional image above, I’ve figured out the route I’m going to take for my Store Crawl next month. It was a lot easier than it sounded! The journey… There are several ways to determine how to tackle all the stores. Probably the biggest factor is the mode of transport, […]

under Miscellaneous / 22 August 2017

Announcing SilentMode’s Store Crawl.

Next month, provided everything goes according to plan, I will be taking on the challenge of visiting all 14 LEGO retail stores in the UK in succession. Because giving credit is a big thing for, I should mention this isn’t an original idea. Another AFOL (not sure whether to mention their name or not) did […]

under Miscellaneous / 02 August 2017