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VIDEO: Swapfig Logo Sideways Mosaic

Here’s another video of one of the few MOC-building endeavours I had this year, which was filmed before STEAM: a mosaic (built sideways style) of the new Swapfig logo. This mosaic was designed to fit over a new model of a concept Swapfig store, which has seen a massive upgrade from the previous incarnation. The hard thing […]

under MOCs, Videos / 27 November 2015

VIDEO: Whitey the Warg

This is a brick built version of Whitey the Warg: WhiteMode’s loyal pet. You may have noticed his brief appearance when WhiteMode gatecrashed last year’s Christmas party (in a deleted scene).

under MOCs, Videos / 20 November 2015

Bosco Verticale in LEGO

Elspeth De Montes, aka Jesper Girl, has created this amazing rendition of Bosco Verticale out of LEGO. I won’t pretend to be familiar with the building, but I can’t front: this is the kind of architecture I’m interested in, and something I might even go out and buy. I can’t begin to imagine how much this would cost, or […]

under MOCs / 17 January 2015

“Super Santa” Chris Kringleson dies at 40

We were very saddened to hear about the death of Christopher Kringleson (pronounced “kring-lesson“) just yesterday. For those who don’t know, Chris lent his talents to The EvilMode Movie where he played the role of both Super Santa and Helper Jim. As well as his tireless dedication on set, he helped us with the promotion […]

under MOCs / 26 December 2014

HER Light Tracer Instructions

Christmas is almost upon us, and things have been very quiet over here on – because we’ve been making preparations for the new year for the last few weeks. It’s finally time to reveal our surprise gift to the masses… We’ve taken some time out to generate instructions for an MOC I’ve showcased at this year’s STEAM […]

under MOCs / 23 December 2014

SilentMODs: Minidoll LED Lite Moulding/Casting

Some of you may know about my silicone moulding endeavours, from my previous videos of creating copies of the minifigure LED Lites. Well, thanks to paying attention to my Twitter feed, someone let me know about the existence of minidoll LED Lites in the LEGO Friends theme. One of the characters I plan on doing in […]

under MOCs, Videos / 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

We at don’t usually celebrate Halloween, and we’ve never had the pleasure of going trick or treating. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the moment while it lasts! This year we’ve had a go at creating some custom minidolls, with the idea of having them in fancy dress, to go to yet another exclusive party. […]

under MOCs / 31 October 2014

Road to STEAM 2014: Light Tracers

This is the third part of the large Santa Showdown set from The EvilMode Movie, and the final MOC for my display at this year’s Great Western Brick Show – or STEAM – in Swindon. I’d been looking forward to building these vehicles, and made sure I saved these for last – but I was […]

under Events, MOCs / 30 September 2014

Road to STEAM 2014: Red Carpet Promotion

It’s hard to believe, but there’s only a few days until this year’s Great Western Brick Show – or STEAM – in Swindon. I’m starting to get nervous. There’s one more MOC yet to build for The EvilMode Movie theme, but right now I want to show you this one, which I got around to […]

under Events, MOCs / 28 September 2014

Road to STEAM 2014: Giga Santa

This MOC was a nightmare, both in design and construction! but hopefully it will also be worth it. It’s certainly going to be hard to ignore (but that won’t stop some people trying!). What we have here is Giga Santa: the first of three components of the biggest set in The EvilMode Movie theme, called Santa Showdown. Giga […]

under Events, MOCs / 23 September 2014