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Brick Classifieds: the New Site on the Block

Courtesy of Brick Fanatics’ post on Twitter, I was alerted to the launch of yet another site for buying and selling LEGO, called Brick Classifieds. It’s a polished looking site you can visit by clicking on the link. Brick Classifieds takes things back to the days of classified ads in papers (such as LOOT in my corner of […]

under Other sites / 05 February 2015

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Compendium

Having taken another look at Scissorino’s post about their best and worst Collectible Minifigures, I noticed in their comments section that someone had put together a very informative compendium of Collectible Minifigure data, as a PDF. That compendium comes courtesy of mrbradford (that’s how they identified themselves in the comments section), and obviously a lot […]

under Other sites / 22 April 2014

Three More Alternative LEGO-related Sites

May saw the launch of Project Swapfig, which we’re all sick of hearing about I’m sure. It seemed to have set a precedent, because not only have been a handful of LEGO-related Kickstarter projects since, but a number of new fan-maintained sites have popped up all of a sudden! I know of four sites that […]

under Other sites, Promotions / 30 June 2013