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Another Disastrous #Swapfig Launch…

You might have heard about Swapfig – my other LEGO-related web site – having its relaunch recently. I’d spent the last year and a half working on the brand new version 1.0, which was a complete rewrite using different frameworks. I’d been aiming for a May 1st relaunch, to coincide with the site’s second birthday, but […]

under Project Swapfig / 13 July 2015

WE Did it!

A huge thank you to everybody who got behind the campaign. Things came to a head at 10:30am today, and something I hadn’t expected at all turned up in my mailbox: an email saying that Project Swapfig’s second (and last!) crowdfunding campaign had succeeded. A total of 44 people (including myself) got together and pledged just […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 16 November 2013

Less than 24 Hours Left to Support!

Folks, I had to put this post up to let you know there’s less than 24 hours before Project Swapfig’s crowdfunding campaign comes to an end – so now’s the time to visit the link and make a pledge of however much you want to make a pledge for. The funny thing is, I thought the […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 15 November 2013

Just 2 Days To Go…

We’re in the last 48 hours of Project Swapfig’s second and final attempt at crowdfunding. While other crowdfunding campaigns have had money thrown at them by the LEGO community, it’s taken 44 days for this one to get to the £1000 mark – and there’s less than two days left to raise another £500. It’s definitely […]

under Project Swapfig / 13 November 2013

7 Days Left: caption contest

This could very well be the easiest competition you’ve entered, as each previous day has literally had only one entry. Here’s today’s post on Facebook.

under Project Swapfig / 08 November 2013

8 Days Left: Caption Contest

Here’s today’s entry.

under Project Swapfig / 07 November 2013

9 Days Left: Caption Contest

Here’s today’s photo: to enter just leave a comment on the post with your caption. You could win yourself some Project Swapfig artwork postcards! Post by Project Swapfig.

under Project Swapfig / 06 November 2013

10 Days Left: Caption Contest

There are only ten days left before Project Swapfig’s second crowdfunding attempt comes to an end, and to make things more interesting I’m running a caption competition once a day for those last ten days. You should be able to see the post made in the Facebook group explaining all, or a link to the post […]

under Crowdfunding, Project Swapfig / 05 November 2013

Mr Silver (custom) on feeBay

I came across this very cool custom “Mr Silver” figure, currently on sale as an auction on the ever-popular feeBay. It almost looks like a genuine LEGO product, as all the parts have been chromed, but you’ll notice the printing has been done using decals. At the moment there’s a lot of interest in this […]

under Project Swapfig / 09 October 2013

Project Swapfig’s Second Crowdfunding Attempt

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart, as I remember what it was like the last time I heavily promoted a crowdfunding project for Project Swapfig. In fact, I’ve been incredibly nervous about doing it again, mainly because I felt embarrassed after the whole thing… but it is what it is. Ladies and gentlemen: […]

under Project Swapfig / 01 October 2013