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Which Prints?

This is the second of  two posts on our upcoming [second] crowdfunding project for Project Swapfig, which is planned to be launched on October 1st (if I don’t bottle it): this one is about the print reward that just about everybody will receive if they make a pledge. If you haven’t read the information – which I […]

under Project Swapfig / 19 September 2013

Preview the Project Swapfig crowdfunding project (round 2)

Hello folks. This is the first of two posts about an upcoming crowdfunding project – in face, the second attempt at crowdfunding – for our sister site, Project Swapfig. After months of deliberating and building up the courage, I went ahead and got the ball rolling, not really knowing whether or not I’ll succeed. A […]

under Project Swapfig / 19 September 2013

Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been preparing to attempt another crowdfunding project for Project Swapfig, this time specifically to hire a web designer. Having been disillusioned with my experience of Kickstarter, I decided to look into more helpful and beneficial alternatives. Currently I have an “elevator pitch” on a new site called Jump Start […]

under Project Swapfig / 12 June 2013

One More Time: Project Swapfig “elevator pitch” on Jump Start City

It’s very hard to believe that just over a month ago I was scrambling to recover from a shoddy, perhaps even non-existent site launch. But even though the Kickstarter project was unsuccessful for various reasons, Project Swapfig is up and running – and so far it’s been going very well, with improvements and fixes being […]

under Project Swapfig / 05 June 2013

Project Swapfig is LIVE!

At long last I’m able to get back on this site to let people know: that Project Swapfig – the infamous minifigure trading site you might have heard of – has been officially launched and is now up and running. I’d imagined the moment for the last couple of months, and I really wish I […]

under Project Swapfig / 03 May 2013

Kickstarter Failed, But Everybody Wins

There’s less than 12 hours to go on the 20-day Kickstarter project for Project Swapfig, and despite all the hard work, time and energy spent on the presentation and spreading the word, it’s only managed to reach 56% of the target. I think it’s about time I called it a day. I’ve been thinking about […]

under Project Swapfig / 15 April 2013

COMPETITION: P[r]imp My Logo!

The Project Swapfig Kickstarter project is in its last 48 hours. I’m hoping I’ll get enough support to reach a respectable 60%, but in any case if you haven’t done so please show your support. Some people who’ve actually played around with the demo have given mostly good feedback, but what counts is their reaction to the released product. […]

under Project Swapfig, Promotions / 14 April 2013

Demo of Project Swapfig now up

Keeping things brief in this post: I’ve uploaded a “demo” version of Project Swapfig for people to play around with, and hopefully convince most of you that it is a genuine project in the works. There are only eight days left to back the Kickstarter project, so if you haven’t already please show your support! Even […]

under Project Swapfig / 07 April 2013

Kickstarter Scare Story from the Past

There are quite a few things I can tell you about running a Kickstarter project on your own, and those things will be left for a future post. I’m taking a little break from campaigning to work some more on Project Swapfig, which I haven’t been able to do for at least a week because […]

under Project Swapfig / 30 March 2013

The Project Swapfig Video

Apologies to those on Twitter who’ve already seen this, but post this is for anyone who’s missed it or doesn’t yet know about the Project Swapfig Kickstarter project launched yesterday. This is the final version of the video accompanying the Kickstarter project, which took a total of two weeks to produce. I did all the filming, […]

under Project Swapfig, Promotions, Videos / 28 March 2013