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Fairy Bricks Exclusive Set

Earlier tonight I decided to pick one of these sets up from feeBay. Hopefully there will be some left by the time you read this post, but at the time of writing there are only seven left! This is an exclusive set courtesy of the charity Fairy Bricks, who are good friends (I think!) of and Swapfig, […]

under Promotions / 02 June 2015

Friends in Space Competition on ReBrick

As someone just a little partial to the Friends theme, I’ve been asked to help promote ReBrick’s Friends in Space competition, which has now been extended to the beginning of September. Whatever you might think of the , this is a great opportunity to show the world that minidolls can do something other than frequent salons, pet stores, shops […]

under Promotions / 06 August 2014

Getting Classic Space Out of the Attic

If you haven’t heard by now: the Exo Suit, LEGO Ideas’ (née CUUSOO) seventh set, is due to be launched in a few months time, after the highly anticipated Ghostbusters LEGO Ideas set. (You can see a review of the Ghostbusters set over on The New Elementary.) Along with Benny’s Spaceship (which is also reviewed on […]

under Promotions / 15 May 2014

Lunar Base 1: a film by Racs Media

We’re doing our bit here at to promote the hottest new talent that could do with the exposure. Tonight we’re showcasing a “brickfilm” by Racs Media, titled Lunar Base 1. It’s a must view for any fans of Classic Space, or the ever popular Neo Classic Space. I’m not sure if this is their first […]

under Promotions, Videos / 22 September 2013

Three More Alternative LEGO-related Sites

May saw the launch of Project Swapfig, which we’re all sick of hearing about I’m sure. It seemed to have set a precedent, because not only have been a handful of LEGO-related Kickstarter projects since, but a number of new fan-maintained sites have popped up all of a sudden! I know of four sites that […]

under Other sites, Promotions / 30 June 2013

LiteUpBase on Kickstarter

I’d known about this latest Kickstarter project for a hot minute, but just before I left the dungeon to head to Leicester, I decided to give it a good backing. This is for the LiteUpBase: an invention by the “Law Team”, with the Kickstarter project being run by Catherine Law. It’s exactly what it says […]

under Promotions, Underrated / 21 June 2013

COMPETITION: P[r]imp My Logo!

The Project Swapfig Kickstarter project is in its last 48 hours. I’m hoping I’ll get enough support to reach a respectable 60%, but in any case if you haven’t done so please show your support. Some people who’ve actually played around with the demo have given mostly good feedback, but what counts is their reaction to the released product. […]

under Project Swapfig, Promotions / 14 April 2013

SilentMode’s Beyond The Brick interview

A lot of recent exposure has been thanks to people putting in a good word for me, and such was this interview with Beyond The Brick: a podcast for fans of LEGO, usually featuring interviews with talented FOLs. They’ve interviewed some very talented people in the past, so go check out their YouTube channel for […]

under Promotions, Videos / 09 April 2013

Pigs vs. Cows Kickstarter project

“The ultimate in custom and unique Brick accessories! Fully realized Pig and Cow characters to add life to your greatest MOCs!” We’ve heard of many legendary matchups: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Alien vs. Predator, Robocop vs. The Terminator, Plants vs. Zombies etc. – and now Pigs vs. Cows! That combination probably came from the […]

under Promotions / 04 April 2013

The Project Swapfig Video

Apologies to those on Twitter who’ve already seen this, but post this is for anyone who’s missed it or doesn’t yet know about the Project Swapfig Kickstarter project launched yesterday. This is the final version of the video accompanying the Kickstarter project, which took a total of two weeks to produce. I did all the filming, […]

under Project Swapfig, Promotions, Videos / 28 March 2013