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Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend 2018 Slideshow

Two weekends after the fact, I finally had the time to put together the following “slideshow” video of this year’s Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. It was a smaller event this year, with a number of people having to drop out for various reasons. I actually think this was a good thing, as this kind of […]

under Events, Videos / 24 June 2018

Ninjago Ice Tank #LEGOBuildOff!

I was fortunate enough to take part in a speed build of the LEGO Ninjago Ice Tank, as part of a Toys R Us/LEGO promotion of The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Check out the video below to see the greatly sped-up progress! I hadn’t seen the model in person before, nor had I built any of the Ninjago […]

under Videos / 01 November 2017

SilentMODs: UV-Reactive Pumpkin Heads

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my YouTube videos on this weblog, and there’s no better time to do so than now. Check out the YouTube channel if you haven’t visited before, and be sure to “like” the videos you’ve enjoyed watching. This edition of SilentMODs just happens to exclusively use materials from […]

under Videos / 26 October 2017

VIDEO: Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend 2016

Better late than never (because of the video editing software) is our slideshow video of this year’s Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend, which took place in Portugal back in June. Similarly to the Bricktastic video, I decided to do a photo slideshow instead of the usual walkthrough style. Video footage from this year’s Brickish Weekend took a long time […]

under Events, Videos / 17 July 2016

BRICK 2015 London: the walkthrough

Once again (that’s me!) brings you a walkthrough video, this time of the biggest event in the UK this year. This BRICK 2015 walkthrough is of the event at the London ExCeL: there was another event at the Birmingham NEC earlier this year, but I was too occupied to be able to attend that one. There are event videos, and […]

under Events, Videos / 20 December 2015

VIDEO: Swapfig Logo Sideways Mosaic

Here’s another video of one of the few MOC-building endeavours I had this year, which was filmed before STEAM: a mosaic (built sideways style) of the new Swapfig logo. This mosaic was designed to fit over a new model of a concept Swapfig store, which has seen a massive upgrade from the previous incarnation. The hard thing […]

under MOCs, Videos / 27 November 2015

VIDEO: Unikitty LED Lite Mould and Cast

Continuing my adventures with silicone moulding and resin casting, I decided to take on the challenge of moulding and casting a Unikitty LED Lite. The only one I was able to get hold of at the time was the Angry Kitty variant. For the sake of time, as I was using a relatively slow setting […]

under Videos / 23 November 2015

VIDEO: Whitey the Warg

This is a brick built version of Whitey the Warg: WhiteMode’s loyal pet. You may have noticed his brief appearance when WhiteMode gatecrashed last year’s Christmas party (in a deleted scene).

under MOCs, Videos / 20 November 2015

Top Gear Trailer… In LEGO

Mentioned over in the Brickish Association forums was this trailer video for the newest series of Top Gear (I assume, anyway) – which, as you can see, is a computer generated brickfilm! The video was the handiwork of the famous Chris Salt – the guy behind the promotional video for the Exo Suit – with […]

under Videos / 15 January 2015

SilentMODs: Minidoll LED Lite Moulding/Casting

Some of you may know about my silicone moulding endeavours, from my previous videos of creating copies of the minifigure LED Lites. Well, thanks to paying attention to my Twitter feed, someone let me know about the existence of minidoll LED Lites in the LEGO Friends theme. One of the characters I plan on doing in […]

under MOCs, Videos / 31 October 2014