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Talks from the Great Western Brick Show 2014

As is customary, filmed the numerous talks that took place during the weekend of the Great Western Brick Show 2014. Rather than give each talk its own post (which would really only be of benefit to search engines), we decided to link the dedicated playlist of all the uploaded videos to this page. Also included […]

under Events, Videos / 12 October 2014

Walkthrough of the Great Western Brick Show 2014

That’s right: once again brings you the one and only walkthrough video of the Great Western Brick Show, which took place last weekend at the STEAM Museum in Swindon. The idea for a walkthrough video began last year, as a way of showcasing every display at the event, as opposed to videos by other people who focus on […]

under Events, Videos / 08 October 2014

Live from STEAM 2014

The time of year known as the Great Western LEGO Brick Show, otherwise known as STEAM, took place last weekend at the STEAM Museum in Swindon. It was my first time exhibiting since the last STEAM, and it was a good chance to see what was what and get away from the dungeon. On hand to […]

under Events, Videos / 07 October 2014

SilentMODs: LED Lite Resin Cast (block mould)

When I’m not reviewing sets or generally causing some kind of trouble, here’s what I’ve been up to on the side: making casts of LED Lites using silicone moulds and polyurethane resin. I learned how to do it by watching numerous YouTube videos, although a lot of trial and error (and money!) was involved. My aim […]

under Videos / 11 July 2014

SilentMODs: Minidoll Bicycle Mod

There’s no point in being called if there isn’t much of the tv – so I’ve decided to start a new video series over on my YouTube channel: it’s called SilentMODs. Get it? Well for those who don’t (or are pretending not to): SilentMODs is going to be about my various experiments with creating LEGO-related items, […]

under Videos / 16 June 2014

Beyond the Brick interviews Huw of Brickset

Coming across the wire about half an hour ago was Beyond the Brick‘s recent interview with Huw Millington: the man and the legend behind Brickset. It’s a good lengthy interview, and as always it’s great to see the personalities behind the greatness. Shout out to both Huw and the folks at Beyond the Brick.

under Videos / 02 March 2014

Walkthrough of the Great Western LEGO Show (STEAM) 2013

This is probably going to be my last post on the Great Western LEGO Show for this year, but it’s about my final uploaded video of the event. Having gotten the idea from the crowdfunded DVD by Beyond The Brick, this time I decided to do a “walkthrough”-style video of the displays, instead of putting […]

under Events, Videos / 15 October 2013

Talks from the Great Western LEGO Show (STEAM) 2013

For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t able to make it to this year’s event at the STEAM Museum in oh-so-joyous Swindon, once again I’ve filmed all the talks that took place over the weekend… including one from me. It made things a lot more interesting, I can tell you. All ten of these videos […]

under Events, Videos / 13 October 2013

Lunar Base 1: a film by Racs Media

We’re doing our bit here at to promote the hottest new talent that could do with the exposure. Tonight we’re showcasing a “brickfilm” by Racs Media, titled Lunar Base 1. It’s a must view for any fans of Classic Space, or the ever popular Neo Classic Space. I’m not sure if this is their first […]

under Promotions, Videos / 22 September 2013

Fun With LEGO: Maker Camp 2013

Make Magazine has a webcast to coincide with their Maker Camp, over in the States, and this episode (released yesterday) just happens to be about LEGO. The people featuring in the webcast casually commit a number of sins, including using the term “legos” – they are American after all – but include someone in Billund […]

under Events, Videos / 26 July 2013