UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: February 2017

I’m back, I’m on time (for once), and I’m here to introduce the February 2017 edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas. It might not be the first column on the web to help promote LEGO Ideas projects, but it’s one of the more consistent. If you’re unfamiliar with UNDERATED: I feature a selection of LEGO Ideas projects […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: January 2017

Welcome to another edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas, the January 2017 edition! Although this post is once again late, all the featured projects had landed on LEGO Ideas in January. Preamble The great news is that UNDERATED has started to gain traction. Some of you have reached out to mention that you like the […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas, Underrated / 06 February 2017

SilentMode’s Predictions: Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review

Here’s me thinking that the Second 2016 Review would be the last for 2016. Just last night I caught wind of a new weblog post on LEGO Ideas, stating that another 12 projects were in contention for their Third 2016 Review. It’s time once again for me to give my predictions, so here they are. Potential […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: December 2016

It’s the December 2016 episode of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. Once again it’s your host SilentMode, hopefully aiding some more LEGO Ideas projects in their quest for 10,000 supporters. Once again I’ve missed the deadline for this edition, but I hope you’re having a Happy New Year so far. Preamble Here in the UK, allegedly as […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: November 2016

Welcome to another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv: the world’s most obscure LEGO fan site. I’m your host, and this is my first post on the site in a long time. It’s also our first UNDERATED post that’s on time for quite a while. Preamble I’ve seen quite a few people complaining about how rotten […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: October 2016

Welcome to another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusively on SilentMode.tv and with your host, yours truly. Unfortunately this edition is again later than usual, because of various other things that came up. Preamble This month’s preamble was going to expand a little more on my indefinite abstinence from events, and the parallels between exhibiting at […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas, Underrated / 10 November 2016

No Events (For Me) in 2017.

Hello folks. This post serves as my announcement that the rumours are indeed true… This year’s Great Western Brick Show was my last event of 2016, and for the foreseeable future. I won’t be exhibiting at or attending any events at all, at least until 2018. What happened? Since the weekend of the Great Western Brick Show, I’d […]

under Miscellaneous / 30 October 2016

Beyond The Brick’s BRICKLIVE Crowdfunding Campaign

Beyond The Brick is at it again, and this time they’re crowdfunding for coverage of the upcoming BRICKLIVE event in Birmingham. This is going to be their first time covering an event outside of the States on DVD, which makes it something special. If you’re unfamiliar with BRICKLIVE, it was previously called The LEGO Show and then BRICK, where […]

under Crowdfunding / 20 October 2016

SilentMode’s Predictions: LEGO Ideas Second 2016 Review

With the surprise announcement of the next LEGO Ideas set last week, it’s time for my predictions on which project in the Second 2016 Review will succeed. If the last review has taught us anything, it’s that literally anything can happen. I myself have made the mistake of thinking that LEGO would continue the “safe” trend, as […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas / 12 October 2016

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Announced.

Check out the official post over on the LEGO Ideas weblog. The design of the submarine has been greatly improved from the original, with a very pleasant combination of Yellow, Bright Light Orange and Orange parts. It also looks like it’s going to make use of all printed parts, just like the Caterham 7. Apart […]

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