UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: November 2017

Welcome to another belated UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: the November 2017 edition. As usual this is brought to you exclusively on SilentMode.tv. I had wanted to post this on Monday, but things have been rather challenging on my end. Both inside and out of LEGO, there’s lot to do before the year ends. Preamble In case you haven’t […]

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Tron Legacy Light Cycle: the next LEGO Ideas set.

Called it. After what seemed like an eternity, the outcome of the First 2017 LEGO Ideas review was announced. I found out about it in a Slack channel just a couple of hours ago. As you can see, they went for the Tron Legacy Light Cycle – exactly as predicted in my predictions. Although the Surf Rescue […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas / 28 November 2017

Vote for SilentMode’s End Of Year Review 2017!

Here’s your chance to vote for my End Of Year Review for 2017! I’m temporarily coming out of reviewing retirement to provide one last feature. What’s this End Of Year Review thing? It’s been a very long time since I did my 101st review, and have since retired from reviewing. During that time I’ve come into […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: October 2017

Welcome to October’s edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusively on SilentMode.tv. Hopefully you folks have had an eventful and enjoyable Hallowe’en, however you chose to celebrate it. My plans for a Hallowe’en costume – or even a scary costume – were cut short because of my workload. If you haven’t seen it yet, please […]

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Ninjago Ice Tank #LEGOBuildOff!

I was fortunate enough to take part in a speed build of the LEGO Ninjago Ice Tank, as part of a Toys R Us/LEGO promotion of The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Check out the video below to see the greatly sped-up progress! I hadn’t seen the model in person before, nor had I built any of the Ninjago […]

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SilentMODs: UV-Reactive Pumpkin Heads

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my YouTube videos on this weblog, and there’s no better time to do so than now. Check out the SilentMode.tv YouTube channel if you haven’t visited before, and be sure to “like” the videos you’ve enjoyed watching. This edition of SilentMODs just happens to exclusively use materials from […]

under Videos / 26 October 2017

UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: September 2017

Welcome to the not-so-late UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, the September 2017 edition. Once again it’s your host SilentMode, currently posting exclusively on SilentMode.tv. Let’s not bog ourselves down with a preamble this month. This is going to be a very quick edition, as there were only two projects that caught my interest. Both projects were posted […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas, Underrated / 03 October 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: The Conclusion.

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 was completed in the eight days I’d planned for it, with very few problems along the way. It’s been a few days since coming down from the travelling high, during which I’ve been in bed a lot longer than I should. Outcome of the Store Crawl. After receiving a fresh passport […]

under Miscellaneous / 18 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: London

As mentioned in my Bluewater post, we’re going to condense the final three stores on SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 into one post. Why? Because they’re all in London, and my experiences at these stores were fairly similar. Although the last day involved visiting four Lego stores in a row, it was actually a quick process. It’s […]

under Miscellaneous / 18 September 2017

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Bluewater

It’s almost a week since SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 was completed. (Spoiler alert: I came back in one piece!) I’ve since returned to work – both the day job and on Swapfig – and have caught a cold in the process. When I feel compelled to throw in the towel and move on, I think back to […]

under Miscellaneous / 17 September 2017