The EvilMode Movie

as seen at BRICK 2014 and the Great Western Brick Show 2014.

Nominated for 13 Emmet Awards and six Bennys


You don't see me
when I'm trying to do right -
maybe you can see me now.

Al Jarreau

The EvilMode Movie: an action-packed feature-length adventure, starring's resident troublemaker.

The movie reveals EvilMode's background as one of Santa's Helpers, working at the North Pole with Santa and his Elves. Every year he would be passed over for promotion to Santa's Assistant, until one Christmas he'd had enough and escaped with Santa's most prized possession, the legendary Trout of Shame.

With the powers it brings, he lands in Heartlake City to live the high life get up to no good - unfortunately Santa will stop at nothing to get his treasure back...

With a cast of new and familiar faces, non-stop action and plenty of laughs, The EvilMode Movie is a film you'll want to watch again and again.

Movie Reviews

Fun times for all the family - as long as they're 13 and over!

The Hairy Element

EvilMode is awesome, B. Bee is awesome, Chris is awesome... even Julian is awesome! Everything is... great!

Ur Own Bricks

Makes us wish we had more hands... two thumbs up isn't enough.

Eskel and Sibert

So wrong, but so good!

Bricks Magazine

This movie right here is the ★★★★

Stoned Roller Magazine

I hate to say it, but I thought it was actually good!

Minifig Today

Way better than that other movie about LEGO... you know, the LEGO thing.

Parish Hater

I dare you to see this movie just once - it's that good.


The logo is absolutely horrible.

Moe Ron, All You Do Is Brick

I'll give you a good review, just don't hurt my wife and kids!

a hostage

...we haven't seen a movie quite like it...

The Sisters SNOT

B. Bee is so strong... so amazing, so female... she should get her own movie!

fans of the Research Institute

Movies like this only show up once in a lifetime...


Only The Sigfig could pull off such an ambitious project as The EvilMode Movie...

From Movies to Mayhem

What is this supposed to be?

Some nobody

OMG, Emma in a towel?!

Heartlake Gazette



I can't believe you had someone act as me wearing nothing but a towel! You're gonna hear from my lawyers!

Emma, Heartlake City

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  • EvilMode - The EvilMode Movie


    played by himself

    A former Helper at the North Pole, helping build and pack toys for each Christmas season. Santa refused to acknowledge his efforts and make him an Assistant, and when Helper Jim was promoted instead he decided to leave for good - but not before stealing the Trout of Shame.
    Becoming the new bearer of the Trout of Shame completely removed his inhibitions, turning him into a bold and brazen troublemaker. Eventually settling in Heartlake City, his pastimes include antagonising the female minidolls.

    I know you gon' vote for me, right? I know you gon' do it! Don't act like you not!
  • B. Bee - The EvilMode Movie

    B. Bee

    played by B. B. Jenkins

    EvilMode's best friend and partner in crime: street smart, outgoing and sassy, but incredibly friendly.
    Before being led astray by EvilMode, she had difficulty finding anything but short-term menial jobs, including her time as a Helper at a department store grotto. She still dreams of one day opening her own luxury night club.
    She has the ability to use purple-coloured items with great effect, and can be just as bold and reckless as her male counterpart.

    You'll vote for me, won't you sweetie?
  • Santa - The EvilMode Movie


    played by Sabe DeMarco

    To maintain the spirit of Christmas everybody knows and loves, these representatives of Santa are tasked with making public appearances and greeting children as the festive season arrives. While many of them take their jobs seriously, there are some who are only interested in personal gain - financial or otherwise.

    Ho ho ho! Vote for me; this is my life!
  • Super Santa - The EvilMode Movie

    Super Santa

    played by Chris Kringleson

    Though he only appears in the early hours of Christmas morning, no-one had ever seen his true form except for his Assistant - that is, until he sought to reclaim his prized possession, the Trout of Shame. He is reliant on the Trout's powers to discern who is "naughty" and "nice"- and deal with them accordingly.

    Vote for me, children. I know which of you is naughty. You're not naughty, are you?
  • Helper Jim - The EvilMode Movie

    Helper Jim

    played by Chris Kringleson

    Acting as the foreman of Santa's Workshop, he got on with everybody - even befriending EvilMode - and ensured the smooth running of the production line. Though he had only started the previous year, his social ties and charisma eventually landed him the role of Santa's Assistant.

    Surely yer vote's gonnae be fur me? Ah tryst yoo'll gie whatever ye want fur Christmas!
  • Julian - The EvilMode Movie


    played by Julian Drews

    Cheerful and eager to please, he recently moved to Heartlake City from Queen's country, and made a point of getting in with the locals.
    His aim was to fill his scrapbooks with candid photos of beautiful females, pursuing a career as a fashion photographer - but things took an unfortunate turn when he captured Joanna in a compromising situation.

    Do vote for me, I'd be much obliged!
  • Joanna - The EvilMode Movie


    played by Joanna I. Luvyew

    Mild mannered, graceful, polite and notoriously camera shy, she lives a humble lifestyle - but unbeknownst to many she is also a professional singer, performing on certain nights at the infamous Freaky D's Club. She clearly notices EvilMode's interest in her, but is far more concerned about Julian and his antics.

    I'd really like it if you voted for me... It would mean so much!
  • Emma - The EvilMode Movie


    played by Emma del Toro

    The only daughter of one of Heartlake City's wealthiest couples, and a first generation resident. While she keeps her private life very private, and is known as the wallflower of the group, she has a wide circle of friends and is universally liked. While naturally bashful, she conceals her expertise in karate and other martial arts.

    Really, you don't have to vote for me... but...
  • Naya - The EvilMode Movie


    played by Naya Stolich

    The proprietor of Heartlake Juice Bar, and an otherwise innocent resident of Heartlake City, originally from a country in the east. As well as working at the bar, she is a professional dancer and fitness fanatic, having performed in numerous high-profile theatre productions. She has a fondness for luxury and fast cars, as well as a weakness for the men in them.

    You will vote me, yes? I give you big kiss if you do!
  • Elves - The EvilMode Movie


    played by The Elven Company

    With the exception of EvilMode and Helper Jim, Santa insists on having Elves as employees; they're cheap, don't require much in terms of maintenance, and are fiercely loyal. They are noted for having boundless energy and a great sense of humour.

    Vote for us!
  • Santa's Minions - The EvilMode Movie

    Santa's Minions

    played by The Elven Company

    To prevent the secrets of Christmas spreading far and wide (as well as dealing with thieving absconding Helpers), this secret branch of Elves are scattered across the globe, awaiting Santa's instructions. They are highly trained in the art of improvised weaponry.

  • Ms. Claus - The EvilMode Movie

    Ms. Claus

    played by B. B. Jenkins

    She isn't actually involved with or related to Santa, but she is at hand to keep the Elves and Helpers nourished with hot cocoa and cookies. Regarded as the inacessible sweetheart of the North Pole, she seems friendly to everybody - but just a little more with Helper Jim.

    If you vote for me, I\'ll put in a good word for you with Santa!
  • Trout of Shame - The EvilMode Movie

    Trout of Shame

    played by Maggie Stevens

    A fish-shaped artifact in Sand Green, representing one third of a mysterious and ancient power called the Troutforce. It removes all traces of shame, guilt and inhibition from whomever wields it.

  • High School Dropout - The EvilMode Movie

    High School Dropout

    A hugely popular rock band signed to CATAWOL Records, composed of four teenage friends who actually dropped out of high school to pursue a music career. All of them play instruments, but only the frontman usually provides the vocals.
    At the request of EvilMode and other cast members, they provided part of the soundtrack to The EvilMode Movie. Many of the songs are included in thier newest album, as well as in the official soundtrack release.

  • The Sigfig - The EvilMode Movie

    The Sigfig

    One half of the duo behind The EvilMode Movie, and Val's life partner. Known for being reclusive, only socialising when he has to, he is happiest behind the scenes in a creative role. He was particular eager to write and direct the movie, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

  • Val - The EvilMode Movie


    One half of the duo behind The EvilMode Movie, and The Sigfig's life partner. She is the owner of SilentMode's Original Real Estate (SMORE) and, as well as being associate producer, serves as the people-facing representative of the movie project.

Official Sets
set image
Wave 2
TEM01: The Workshop
Set TEM01 – The Workshop - The EvilMode Movie

The Workshop

Wave 2 TEM01

Everyone’s working harder than ever in the run up to Christmas, with toys flying off the conveyor belt and presents to wrap. Helper Jim runs things smoothly, while Ms. Claus oversees everything with cookies and hot cocoa.
The big question is: who will be promoted to Assistant?

  • Helper Jim
  • Ms. Claus
  • Elves
set image
Wave 1
TEM02: The Trout of Shame
Set TEM02 – The Trout of Shame - The EvilMode Movie

The Trout of Shame

Wave 1 TEM02

Having been overlooked for a promotion yet again, EvilMode ventured into the woods and broke into an abandoned hut: in it was the secret hiding place of the fabled Trout of Shame.
As he removed it from the plaque, all of EvilMode’s inhibitions completely disappeared...

  • EvilMode
  • Trout of Shame
set image
Wave 1
TEM03: EvilMode’s Sweet Ride
Set TEM03 – EvilMode’s Sweet Ride - The EvilMode Movie

EvilMode’s Sweet Ride

Wave 1 TEM03

Now a free agent, EvilMode found himself the best vehicle money could buy – then stole it. This custom-built muscle car was made for cruising the streets of Heartlake City in style.
That girl over by the bus stop is lookin’ good...

  • EvilMode
  • Naya
set image
Wave 1
TEM04: Bee’s Apartment
Set TEM04 – Bee’s Apartment - The EvilMode Movie

Bee’s Apartment

Wave 1 TEM04

It’s another winter morning, and B. Bee leaves her downtown apartment to go to work. Jump on her scooter and travel in style - but don’t forget to lock the door!

  • B. Bee
set image
Wave 2
TEM05: Department Store Grotto
Set TEM05 – Department Store Grotto - The EvilMode Movie

Department Store Grotto

Wave 2 TEM05

It’s another evening in the store, and B. Bee assists Santa in making hundreds of eager children happy. The guy playing Santa is always making passes at her, but tonight he might go a step too far...

  • B. Bee
  • Santa
set image
Wave 2
TEM06: Freaky D’s Club
Set TEM06 – Freaky D’s Club - The EvilMode Movie

Freaky D’s Club

Wave 2 TEM06

Freaky D’s is the hottest spot in town, and EvilMode has the best seat in the house. Food and drink are a mere afterthought once the beautiful Joanna takes centre stage, but be prepared: Santa's Minions are ready to crash the party.

  • Joanna
  • Santa's Minions
set image
Wave 1
TEM07: Emma’s Bedroom
Set TEM07 – Emma’s Bedroom - The EvilMode Movie

Emma’s Bedroom

Wave 1 TEM07

Emma has confiscated Julian’s camera, which contains important information!
Julian has broken into Emma’s bedroom to get it back, but didn’t count on Emma getting out of the shower so soon...
Quick, find somewhere to hide!

  • Julian
  • Towel Emma
set image
Wave 2
TEM08: Super Santa’s Sleigh
Set TEM08 – Super Santa’s Sleigh - The EvilMode Movie

Super Santa’s Sleigh

Wave 2 TEM08

The REAL Santa will stop at nothing to recover the Trout of Shame. With his unstoppable all-purpose sleigh and loyal elves, he's captured Naya and Joanna - and it's up to EvilMode to decide if he'll save either of them!

  • Super Santa
set image
Wave 1
TEM09a: Santa Showdown: Virtual Game Grid
Set TEM09a – Santa Showdown: Virtual Game Grid - The EvilMode Movie

Santa Showdown: Virtual Game Grid

Wave 1 TEM09a

The battle between EvilMode and Super Santa takes place on a virtual game grid. Among the many obstacles, lethal Reindeer Units move in packs to fire and home in on unsuspecting players.

  • Reindeer Units
set image
Wave 1
TEM09b: Santa Showdown: Giga Santa
Set TEM09b – Santa Showdown: Giga Santa - The EvilMode Movie

Santa Showdown: Giga Santa

Wave 1 TEM09b

Guarding the virtual grid is Giga Santa: a giant pixelated avatar with an arsenal of heavy weaponry. Anything touching it will be “derezzed”, but does it have a weakness?

  • Giga Santa
set image
Wave 1
TEM09c: Santa Showdown: Light Tracers
Set TEM09c – Santa Showdown: Light Tracers - The EvilMode Movie

Santa Showdown: Light Tracers

Wave 1 TEM09c

EvilMode and B. Bee take on the virtual game grid with their HIS and HER light tracers, just like in the movie!
Let B. Bee deal with the hordes of Reindeer Units on her Heat Efficient Racer, while EvilMode challenges Giga Santa with his High Intensity Striker.

  • EvilMode
  • B. Bee
set image
Wave 1
TEM10: Sound Booth
Set TEM10 – Sound Booth - The EvilMode Movie

Sound Booth

Wave 1 TEM10

Ms. Stevens provides the voice of the Trout of Shame, in OliviaFX’s brand new recording studio. Help Olivia record everything perfectly with her control deck, while Ms. Stevens recites her lines in the sound booth.

  • Ms. Stevens
  • Olivia
set image
Wave 1
TEM11: Red Carpet Promotion
Set TEM11 – Red Carpet Promotion - The EvilMode Movie

Red Carpet Promotion

Wave 1 TEM11

Join EvilMode and friends as they promote The EvilMode Movie ahead of its premiere. Beware of obsessive fans looking to get an autograph! When they want to take a break, escort your favourite actors and actresses over to the gazebo.

  • EvilMode
  • B. Bee
  • Naya
  • The Sigfig
  • Val
set image
Wave 2
TEM12: Interview
Set TEM12 – Interview - The EvilMode Movie


Wave 2 TEM12

Put your favourite actor or actress in the hot seat, as interviews are filmed for a documentary on The EvilMode Movie.

  • Interviewer
  • Cameraman
set image
Wave 2
TEM13: Live Performance
Set TEM13 – Live Performance - The EvilMode Movie

Live Performance

Wave 2 TEM13

Teen sensations High School Dropout perform their tracks from the movie in front of an army of fans.

  • High School Dropout