99 Gorillas

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99 gorillas, and an ape ain’t one…

Quite a few people know that I have a small collection of Gorilla Suit Guys from Series 3 of the Collectible Minifigures, which I consider to be the best minifigure in the series.

Besides liking that particular minifigure, I made a point of collecting these after receiving some backlash on a certain forum, where I’d suggested these would be as popular as S1 Zombies. The S3 Elf was the flavour of the series for most people, so I was free to amass as many of these as I could.

These photos were taken when my collection was just short of 100, and it had taken a few months – and quite a bit of hunting, online and off – to find them.

People had been used to seeing other AFOLs’ larger armies of traditional army minifigures (such as the S2 Spartans). After these photos were originally posted online, it suddenly became acceptable to build armies of non-traditional minifigures. It also meant that nobody would trade any Gorilla Suit Guys with me!


  • At last count I have over 100 Gorilla Suit Guys in my collection.
  • Having so many Gorilla Suit Guys was part of the inspiration for Graduates and Gorillas.