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One of my most controversial MOCs: this mosaic is of a fictitious character named Alice, and was taken from a drawing done as part of a university project.  Without going into too much detail (it’s embarrassing): the project involved a reworking of the classic tale Alice in Wonderland, and the design for the titular character was very heavily inspired by a real person.

The intention was to have a go at making a mosaic, and having looked through my entire back catalogue for a picture to build one from, this one stood out the most, with the line art and use of basic but bold colours.

The mosaic was generated using the software PicToBrick, and a few uncommon colours (at the time) used in the generation proved rather expensive to obtain: Orange, Pink and Purple 1×1 plates in particular proved to be a challenge to find.

Alice formed part of my display at The LEGO Show 2012, where it stood on its own.


  • Unlike most LEGO mosaics, this one used the "sideways" method (i.e. layering plates and bricks on top of each other, instead of covering a baseplate). I'm crediting Alice with the resurgence of the sideways mosaic style, as since then it's become more common.