black, minifigure scale, purist, vehicle

This was my first attempt at a City-style vehicle, but one intended for use by “secret agents” dressed in all black.

The priority when designing this vehicle was for it to house three minifigures, hence its overall size compared to a LEGO minifigure! You can see the three design stages it went through before it was built, and it does indeed house three minifigures (one driver and two passengers).

Back story

In the midst of the Greylands - a desert full of carbon deposits, located in central Britain - is the monolith headquarters of BOOCorp: a technology company known for unethical practices, shrouded in secrecy. The building is protected by several deadly countermeasures, and entry into its immediate area is restricted to marked vehicles and verified personnel.

These Secure Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the most common form of transportation used by BOOCorp, and are primarily used to transfer private security, agents and the higher-ups of the company between the headquarters and the general population.

Each vehicle is fitted with proprietary technology:

  • a tracking device that pinpoints the vehicle's location, and can identify authorised employees and designated drivers inside the vehicle;

  • a broadcasting device that reports a diagnosis and the structural integrity of the vehicle;

  • countermeasures for hijacking the vehicle, including self-destruction (as a last resort);

  • completely bulletproof design as standard;

  • shielding from electromagnetic disruption;

  • blackout and sound proof windows;

  • self-healing tyres to protect against punctures.