architecture, black, microscale, purist, vignette

This model was a challenge to design and put together, mainly because of wanting to represent the sections of the building as “cubes” at as small a scale as possible.

Much like a certain theme of official sets, each of the “cubes” is represented by a tile stacked on top of a plate, which is the closest we can get to an actual cube at microscale.

Back story

Deep within the ominous Greylands, miles away from civilisation, is the headquarters of BOOCorp: a research and development company with shady dealings and a sinister background. This compound houses several top-secret and in some cases illegal projects, some of which have been commissioned by the government.

The form of the building was inspired by carbon formations scattered across the desert. The materials used in the building's construction serve a dual purpose: to prevent the interior being visible from outside, and to shield the building from aerial surveillance. In fact, the interconnected halves of the building are a front for a network of underground laboratories and warehouses, only accessible through a secret entrance.