Custom Minifigure #1

competition, custom decals, custom minifigures, references, vignette

This was one of my very first custom minifigures, created as an entry for a competition on a certain forum. The competition involved creating a custom minifigure doing cosplay, accompanied by an 8×8 vignette.

This is the first of two ideas I’d had for the competition: the second was Custom Minifigure #2. I’d chosen that over this as at the time I thought it was a more interesting and head-turning idea.

This figure is basically a take on a “Sexy Stay Puft”: a female cosplay version of Stay Puft from the Ghostbusters movie, which to this day I’ve never seen done.

There was a little more work involved with this figure in terms of customising than with the other. As well as the torso decal – this time printed on waterslide decal paper with a white backing – I’d also created the scarf using sheet styrene, and added padding to the arms using white Milliput. The hat was a 1×1 round plate rounded with white Milliput, which was then painted and glued to the hairpiece.

The figure is accompanied by a minimalist rendition of the apartment where the closing scenes in Ghostbusters take place, off of which the figure can hang (resembling Stay Puft climbing the building).


This was my first time using decals and Milliput to customise a minifigure.