Custom Minifigure #2

competition, custom minifigures, references, vignette

This was one of my very first custom minifigures, created as an entry for a competition on a certain forum. The competition involved creating a custom minifigure doing cosplay, accompanied by an stud vignette.

I’d had two ideas for a custom minifigure, the other being Custom Minifigure #1. I entered this one as I thought it was the more interesting of the two at the time.

The figure is modelled after Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and is actually The Sigfig dressed in drag: that’s the story I’m going with, because at the time there were no suitable official minifigure heads to make a black female!
Accompanying the figure is a vignette of a stage in a night club, similar to Jessica Rabbit’s first appearance in the movie.

Prior to making this minfigure I’d had no experience in customisation whatsoever, and working to this scale proved to be a challenge. The rather large hairpiece was made by modifying a generic male hairpiece (for the head connection) and adding coloured Fimo, as there were no similar redhead hairpieces at the time. The legs had “shoes” painted on them using acrylic lacquer paint.

The dress was made using card, with a small amount of Milliput to fill the “cups”, then finally covered in red glitter; it was all cleverly designed as one whole piece, which fit on the minifigure like a skirt, but had to be attached to the torso using double-sided tape.

Finally, the custom head design was made using transparent decal paper, with a design I’d made on the computer. Minifigure heads are tricky to design: not only does the design have to be the right size, but the positions of the eyes and other features are affected by the head’s round shape.


  • The curtains at the back of the stage was a single piece of card, folded into a concertina, with a silky material stuck on the front. Getting hold of the material, due to work commitments, was a bit of a mission.
  • Unfortunately this entry gained absolutely no votes.