Emma’s Bath House

competition, custom minidolls, vignette

Emma’s Bath House was yet another entry for a competition on a certain forum, where the objective was to create a 16×16 Friends-style vignette of a room.

Again, the idea for a bath house was an attempt to create something that probably wouldn’t have been done by someone else – but it was probably inspired by Emma’s Karate Class. A conscious decision was made to make Emma the focus of the vignette, as she was (and probably still is) my favourite of the five main characters.

To make the vignette more interesting from the outset, I decided from the beginning to divide the space into outside and inside: a completely indoor scene would have been nothing but walls, a wooden floor and the bath anyway.

You may remember this MOC for the accompanying story!

Back story

As part of her beauty regime, and to help unwind after a hard karate training session, Emma had her own private bath house built on her estate. She invited Andrea along to see it in action once it had been completed, and Sarah happened to be in the neighbourhood.

After Andrea left to go to singing practice, Emma and Sarah decided to take a dip. Unaware of Sarah's crush on her, Emma responded positively to her playfulness - but it just so happened that EvilMode was in the area too...


  • This MOC was the origin of the infamous Towel Emma: so-called because I eventually decided to make the towel permanent.
  • I've heard that this entry actually did well in the competition, but fell short of the first (and only) prize.
  • Along with Heartlake City Pool and Emma's Splash Pool, this has been one of the few spots in Heartlake City where the water wasn't cold.