EvilMode’s Sweet Ride

black, minifigure scale, purist, the EvilMode Movie, vehicle

Back story

Now a free agent, EvilMode found himself the best vehicle money could buy - then stole it. This custom-built muscle car was made for cruising the streets of Heartlake City. That girl over by the bus stop is lookin' good...

The unlucky ex-owner of this car had it commissioned and custom-built from the ground up as a shock-proof and bulletproof muscle car, boasting a top speed of 180 mph.

The vehicle was infamous for giving many of its female onlookers an uncontrollable excitement in their loins, and EvilMode's cruising around Heartlake City was often interrupted by opportunists looking for a free ride. Unfortunately for those opportunists, the vehicle only seats one minifigure.

The official set for the EvilMode Movie includes Naya from the Friends theme, who just happens to be waiting for a bus as EvilMode drives by. (B. Bee is sold separately.)


  • EvilMode's Sweet Ride was designed in just a couple of hours using LEGO Digital Designer. It was inspired by a mix of vehicle styles.
  • Another inspiration for the vehicle was Bill Cosby's Fat Albert's Car skit.
  • The licence plate of the vehicle reads BRK Y5LF.