Graduates and Gorillas Minifigure Display

black, collection, custom decals, display, Graduates and Gorillas

To preserve the characters I’d created as part of my Graduates and Gorillas idea, I created this custom brick-built display. Each of the ten Graduates are immortalised, along with Bristowe (the antagonist) and a Gorilla represented by one of my Gorilla Suit Guys.

One of the biggest limitations of LEGO is being able to create effective displays for minifigures and other items. I was able to achieve this using Transparent 1x6x5 panels, but of course the joins between the panels are distracting. The alternative would have been to make a custom case using sheet plastic, but that would have involved expensive tooling (and no doubt some injuries).

It would have been cool to have printed or engraved bricks to use in the display, along with the 2×4 Black tile with the Graduates and Gorillas logo. I didn’t have access to those at the time, so instead I printed some decals on regular label paper.


I remarked on Flickr that Bristowe would be the rarest figure if these were ever released Collectible Minifigures style, as uncommonly as one per box (of 60).