“It’s Only A Movie!”

custom minidolls, minidoll, references, vignette

This is my first ever Halloween-related MOC, as I’m not into zombies, ghosts, werewolves, vampires and the like, and I decided to try my hand at one solely for practice (as I’d been working on Project Swapfig for the best part of the year).

I remembered someone at STEAM (The Great Western LEGO Show) 2013 remarking that I should “do Thriller next” (in response to my display). Having grown up on the music video, and watched The Making of Thriller several hundred times, I ran with it.

Because I’m not into scary creatures at all, I decided to take things in a completely different direction and create something that didn’t immediately scream (no pun intended) Halloween and all things scary, but was still relevant. In this case I chose one of the most iconic parts of the music video: the brief scene outside the Palace Theatre, where the main characters come out after watching a scary movie.

The vignette is accompanied by two custom minidolls: we have Matthew from the Heartlake High set and Andrea, dressed up as Michael and his love interest respectively. In the “Friends According to SilentMode” storyline (i.e. the underlying story made up through my set reviews), Andrea is apparently competing for newcomer Matthew with Stephanie, so I thought it would be cool to show them alone together. The minidolls were simply customised using acrylic lacquer paint and markers.


"See You Next Thursday" is a play on John Landis' recurring gag. John Landis directed the music video for Thriller.