One Bedroom House

architecture, minifigure scale, modular, purist, SMORE

Back story

In the not-too-distant future, an epidemic of teenage pregnancies, single motherhood and the resulting housing crisis forces the price of home ownership - and specifically land - to astronomical levels. The days of owning a mansion surrounded by acres of land, or even renting a bedsit in the city, are long gone.

Architects across the country were faced with providing affordable housing solutions for the rapidly growing population, much like London did with its exploding levels of immigration. A solution many firms agreed on was to take the concept of traditional housing and extend it vertically.

This particular solution for a new one bedroom house was developed by SMORE, and was designed for one or two environmentally conscious and productive members of society. The house occupies a 32x32 stud area, with enough space for a sheltered parking spot, and is constructed using cheap but efficient materials.

In an effort to address environmental concerns, each house has two renewable energy generators: a solar panel and converter on the roof, and a geothermal boiler hidden under the ground floor stairs. Recycling facilities were also provided to the residents living in the first set of houses, free of charge.


  • This MOC was originally called One Bedroom Flat, until someone pointed out it was actually a house because of the multiple floors. I guess that's why they call flats flats, because they're actually flat!
  • Building the house meant making one or two raids on PAB walls at different LEGO stores, specifically for the Tan and Dark Stone Grey 2x4 bricks.
  • Since I made this MOC public, I've gotten more comments and compliments about the trees than anything else. Thanks a lot.