Saint Sabe’s Pizzeria

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This MOC was part of my first ever exhibit, at The LEGO Show in 2011, where it was part of a street scene. It was designed to fit the scale of a modular building, measuring 48 x 32 studs.

Back story

The glitzy and affluent south coast town of Surething is most famous for CATAWOL Records, all kinds of celebrities, and the thousands of people who flock there to sell themselves as the next big thing. It's also home to hundreds of start-up businesses, all trying to make it big in their own way by catering to the rich and famous.

One such place is the namesake of Sabe DeMarco: a hot-headed aspiring actor turned chef and entrepreneur. He happened upon an abandoned studio lot, and sank his last dime into turning this attractive site into Surething's hottest pizzeria - which it certainly became, for all the wrong reasons.
Even worse than the food at the establishment was Sabe's fiery temper, which resulted in frequent clashes with the clientèle, as well as a high staff turnaround.

In a last ditch attempt to save the business and improve its image, Sabe called on the help of The Chef. Though The Chef was eventually able to turn things around, Saint Sabe's is often remembered for the explosive feud between him and Sabe.

The restaurant still exists but is under new management.


  • As you can probably tell, this was inspired by the infamous episode of Kitchen Nightmares USA. I must have watched that one ten or twenty times, not including YouTube clips. The facade of the building was designed using stills from the show.
  • The MOC was accompanied by three minifigures: Sabe DeMarco (created with a facial and torso decal), The Chef and even Sonya from the show.
  • "Saint Sabe's" is an anagram of "Sebastian's" - it's almost "Sebastian's" spelt backwards.
  • See Sabe and the Chef arguing in my review of the Winter Village Post Office.