Winter Village Clothes Store (version 1)

architecture, competition, custom decals, winter village

This is the first version of a competition entry on a certain forum, where the objective was to design an addition to LEGO’s Winter Village series. Though I was at a disadvantage (because I have a more “modern” design style), I gave it a shot anyway.

The idea for a clothes store came from thinking about the kinds of shops and buildings a small village would have, and my mind drifted back to my tumultuous days at university. One thing I was sure wouldn’t be done by the other entrants was a clothes shop, and some of the most memorable shops in the town I went to university were small, traditional clothes shops.

The other additions to the display were things I hadn’t seen implemented in the official sets: a village bus stop, a bridge over an iced-over river, and a stand selling hot cocoa. These were chosen to be additions to an entire collection of Winter Village buildings, to form a small village.

I remember being unhappy with how the main building turned out, mostly because of my inexperience in the different techniques; I was probably trying to be fancy for the sake of it.


  • Because of my lack of knowledge with building something in the typical Winter Village architectural style, a lot of inspiration came from the other Winter Village sets, most notably the Winter Village Post Office.
  • The name of the store was inspired by a user on said forum, whom I have no connection or affiliation with.
  • The pink torso used in the shop window came from an old key chain, and was very expensive at the time or purchase.