Winter Village Clothes Store (version 2)

architecture, competition, custom decals, winter village

This was a entry for a competition on a certain forum, where the object was to build something to fit within LEGO’s Winter Village theme.

It’s actually a revision of the Winter Village Clothes Store, made possible by the fact the competition deadline had been extended. I wasn’t happy with the original design, so I used this “second chance” to redesign the main building.

In keeping with the inspiration for the original building, the new design expands the shop to fit two floors, joined by a spiral staircase. The radio station is a second floor extension of the building, as indicated by the differences in colours of the walls. Both the shop and radio station have more operating room as a result.

The other models – the bridge, bus stop and cocoa stand – remained the same.


  • The name of the radio station (WZRO 107.8 FM) pays homage to Below Zero, a radio show hosted by a friend from university.
  • Like my other competition entries, this one ended up at the bottom of the rankings - but this time it allegedly got a single vote. It was at this point where I decided I was never entering another competition.