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WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

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Thank you for joining me on my belated End Of Year Review, right here on

I asked the Internet which product I should review to mark the end of 2017. There weren’t many votes, but Women Of NASA won by a comfortable margin.

People have been raving about Women Of NASA for various reasons since its announcement, and LEGO themselves were passionate about the concept. Perhaps too passionate…

Before we begin…

Let’s clear the air.

  • I am not a feminist.
  • I’m a straight, dark-skinned, considered unattractive, very much unprivileged humanoid* male.
  • According to Political Compass’ test, I’m left of centre.
  • I believe in meritocracy, and am against affirmative action/quotas.
  • I’m not pro- or anti-Trump.

* to be confirmed

Over the last year or so, certain AFOLs and others have taken shots at me, based on an idea that I hate women. But none of those people had ever asked me what my views actually are, or why I have them. (They also did a very poor job of actually listening.)

TL;DR: regardless of my views, here on the review is always of the set, not underlying politics.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it.