REVIEW: Friends Advent Calendar

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GBP 19.99 / USD 29.99
WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

The Completed Set

Photo of Friends Advent Calendar

Unlike the City Advent Calendar, the scenery with the Friends Advent Calendar doesn’t really include any placeholders for the builds. Instead, I arranged the scene using suitable items from the calendar as above (completely overlooking the fact the basket attaches to the tree).
You’ll notice that someone’s managed to leave skate marks in the shape of a “heart” on the frozen lake. Can anyone explain how there are so many singular lines on the ice, indicating only ever being on one leg? And is it even possible to make that shape? Perhaps I’m thinking too much about it.


Photo of Friends Advent Calendar

We don’t have nearly as many leftovers as the City Advent Calendar, but the ones there are I think are more useful.