REVIEW: Puppy’s Playhouse

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Build the Puppy’s Playhouse and nurture him online!

Create a cute little playhouse for the puppy, then help to take care of him! Play on the pink seesaw then reward him with a bone in his dish! When he’s tired, tuck him into his playhouse and pet him until he falls asleep. Take care of the puppy online and get lots of building inspiration at! Combine with LEGO® Friends sets 41023 and 41024 to create a bigger habitat or playground for all 3 animals. Includes a puppy figure with bow accessory.

  • Includes puppy figure with bow accessory
  • Features seesaw, kennel and flower decorations
  • Put the pretty bow on the puppy!
  • Take care of the puppy online, or find more building inspiration at!
  • Combine with LEGO® Friends sets 41023 and 41024 to create a bigger habitat or playground for all 3 animals!
  • LEGO Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO System bricks
  • Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole world of LEGO Friends fun!
  • Measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 3″ (10cm) wide and 1″ (3cm) deep

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They tried to sneak this past me, but a keen-eyed SilentMode noticed Series 3 of the Friends animals collectibles on sale in the LEGO store yesterday. I’ve got some spare time to review them, even though I don’t have Series 2 (I’m waiting for the prices to come down).

Once again the three sets in this series have different set numbers, so they’ll all get their own reviews.

The Packaging

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

LEGO’s decision to put the contents of these sets in tearproof packaging was a very smart move. True story: while looking for discounted Collectible Minifigures in my local Tesco, all they had left were some torn-open packets of Series 10, with some of the parts having been stolen. Absolutely disgusting behaviour, and it doesn’t matter how rare Mr Gold is at that point.
Anyway, there’s no real difference between this series and the previous ones in terms of packaging.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Another attempt at using curly apostrophes on the barcode backfires.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

On the front of the packet, tension between Andrea and Stephanie forms over control of the fawn – but it’s all smiles.

The Contents

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Comfortably packed inside are a folded instruction book and a single bag of parts. The presence of Medium Lavender is a good sign.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Immediately the eyes of masonry bricks fans have lit up, as we have another opportunity to obtain four of them in Medium Dark Flesh. Currently exclusive to this set are the 1×1 brick and 2×3 slopes in Medium Lavender, and the 1×3 and 3×3 plates in Bright Pink. We can also find the 1×2 Medium Lavender brick in Cat’s Playground (41018), and you’ll remember the Red flower plates from Olivia’s Beach Buggy (41010).

At present, someone’s completely messed up the inventory on BrickLink, in the name of scoring brownie points.

The puppy

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Going by the above description, the puppy is indeed male, and the same mould as the one in Mia’s Puppy House (3934). Unfortunately he has to undergo the trademark emasculation process by having a bow placed on his head – it’s optional, but once you do it there’s no turning back.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Everybody knows that dogs love bones, so that’s what we’re going to feed him.

The build


Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

As anyone would, my first thought was this being a see-saw – but with no seats or handles, we can tell it’s a ramp. The puppy would run up the ramp and come crashing down to earth on the other side. A very simple build with five pieces.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Again LEGO steps in to remind our young builders to take matters into their own hands, should an asteroid collision be on the cards.

The Playhouse

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Peewee Herman is nowhere in sight, but that doesn’t stop us beginning construction. You can see how the 3×3 plate is used with the 1×3 plates to create a 5×3 roof, which may come in handy for microscale builders.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

The gorgeous roof is constructed with the rest of the bricks, though I’m wondering why two separate bricks were used instead of a 1×3 brick. Perhaps it’s because the 1×2 brick in Medium Lavender already existed.

The Bright Orange flower plates are attached to the 1×1 SNOT bricks in Tan.

The Complete Set

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

That’s all there is to it, but we shouldn’t expect much from a 32-piece set! At least we have something to keep the puppy occupied.


Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Puppy’s Playhouse has the most spare parts in the series, and in my view the two spare flower plates are by far the most useful.

The rest of the instructions

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Instructions for alternate builds using the different sets can be found on the official LEGO Friends web site, by visiting If you’re a pro builder like me ^_^ you can figure out how to build the alternate model without instructions.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

And like with the previous series, you can combine all three sets to form Voltron… or rather a bigger set where all the animals can hang out. Unfortunately the puppy was given a raw deal.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

The very back of the instructions shows another advert for the LEGO Friends web site, in particular the animals section.

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

We’ve had Psycho Dog; this time around, introducing Suspect Squirrel.

The Verdict

For some reason I ended up with two copies of this set, when I’d meant to buy one of each. No matter, because this is a particularly attractive set for parts. The Medium Lavender parts (especially the bricks) and the masonry bricks are definitely worth getting the set for, and the set itself is a very easy build.

Understandably the puppy is a re-colour of the old puppy from the first wave of Friends, and probably won’t be interesting to anyone unless they’re on a mission to collect all the animals. It’s still better than that daggone kitten from Olivia’s Tree House, but I would have liked the one from Stephanie’s Soccer Practice (41101).

Rating breakdown

Design: 5 out of 10
On closer inspection the playhouse is near identical to Mia's Puppy House! But at least they've used a different selection of parts, so I won't call shenanigans too loudly.
Build: 6 out of 10
A very simple, almost foolproof build; you could almost do it without the instructions.
Parts: 8 out of 10
Really liking the presence of Medium Lavender parts, masonry bricks and other potentially useful pieces; not so keen on the puppy.
Playability: 4 out of 10
There really isn't much to do with this set unless you add other pieces, animals or minidolls. There's only so much one can do with the ramp.
Price: 7 out of 10
Would definitely recommend this over Mia's Puppy House, and worth looking out for if and when discounted for the parts.

At the end of this brief review, I’m giving the puppy 6.0/10. It should be in toy stores near you now.

Look out for reviews of the other two animals in this series, very soon!

Photo of Puppy’s Playhouse

Gewinne!th knows how we do.