REVIEW: Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

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GBP 9.99 / USD 9.99
WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

The Contents

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Greeting you inside the box this time are three plastic bags worth of parts, as well as a Tan 4×10 plate and the crisp instructions. One of those bags contains yet another set of grooming accessories, this time in Medium Azure. (Emma’s Horse Trailer is the only other set with this accessories in Medium Azure, which was a review on the cards back in 2012, but I never got around to it.)


Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

To go with the little lamb, most of the parts in this set are of the White persuasion (which are notoriously difficult to photograph against a white background). Of interest are the shutterless window frame, the “tabs” (classed as modified tiles, and introduced in White in last year’s Forest Police Station and High Speed Chase sets), and the 2×2 double slope (a very uncommon part, making an appearance in only six sets to date – find just one of these in the infamous Sydney Opera House).

Girly colours

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Returning from Olivia’s House are the 2×3 slopes in Magenta, and you may remember the 1×2 bricks from Andrea’s Stage and perhaps the Dolphin Cruiser. Both the 1×6 and 1x2x5 bricks make an appearance in this year’s Sunshine Ranch, which is also home to a number of very interesting new parts for 2014 (and my copy is on order right now!).

The only currently exclusive part here is the barrel container, which now appears in Medium Lavender. The cupboard also made an appearance in Andrea’s Bedroom, and will be seen in at least a couple of other 2014 sets.

Best of the rest

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Take care of that 4×10 plate in Tan, as it only appears in three other sets and mostly one per set. You’ll also find it in this year’s Stephanie’s Beach House.

We’ve seen many of these other parts before, but a couple of very nice additions are the Bionicle “eyes” in Trans Medium Blue and the cupboard door in Trans Light Blue. They’re worth holding on to, even though they appear more plentifully in other sets.

Succulent lamb

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Introducing the nameless newborn lamb, which – according to LEGO’s official description – is female. Little female lamb has a similar look to the other animals (except for that darned kitten, which thankfully hasn’t shown its bulbous head elsewhere) and is a nice – albeit plain – addition to the animal kingdom. Like the puppies it can sit on two studs.

Hot Stephanie

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Stephanie, if I may say so, is looking rather jailbait-ish this time around, but let’s admit it: her outfit is what really sells the set. The only thing missing is a pair of Daisy Dukes… make it happen LEGO! Seriously, at least she’s covered up for the most part.

As you can see there isn’t any back printing on the torso, and the squeamish among you will notice some transparency with the white paint (similarly to Emma’s karate gi).

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Jailbait: “Hey, that’s my shirt!”
Stephanie: “Like, don’t hate! It looks better on me!”

Photo of Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Matching colour bows for Stephanie and the lamb, as indicated by the instructions.