REVIEW: Jungle Rescue Base

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WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

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We’re finally here!

This is the infamous SilentMode – pot stirrer to the stars – with his 101st and last ever LEGO set review, and we’ve saved the most expensive of the sixth wave jungle-themed Friends set for last. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jungle Tree Base.

I know I’m behind the curve with this review, as several other reviewers have had their opportunity to get there first. I’ve not seen any of their reviews, which means I can give you my honest and untainted opinions; I’ll find out how my views compare as soon as I’m done.

Whether you’re relieved, saddened or indifferent about my retirement from reviewing, we’re going to have fun and make this a good one. Sit back, grab yourself a drink, and get ready to witness history.

The Packaging

Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

Remember the good old days, when you’d spent your pocket money on one of these big LEGO sets, then tried to sneak it back home without the folks noticing? No? Just me, then.

As mentioned previously, this is the largest of the jungle themed Friends sets, and the front of the box wastes no time in making it look like a colossal set. Almost as if TLG have been following my Friends According to SilentMode storyline, this set features both Stephanie and Andrea: two minidolls who’ve been at each others’ throats for quite a while. What a coincidence (yeah right) that this is the set we’re ending things on.

Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

Did I say that both Stephanie and Andrea are in this set? The back of the box could have fooled me, as only Stephanie is featured in the top right corner. Go back to some of the older sets (I think Summer Riding Camp is an example) and you’d have both featured main characters on the back of the box. For some reason, Stephanie takes prominence over the other minidoll in both this and Heartlake Shopping Mall. Heck, she’s even at the front of the ensemble at the bottom!

Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

If that wasn’t enough, she also serves as the set’s scale reference! Andrea’s going to be miffed.

The Contents


Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

The set comes with two instruction books: one humongous beast of a manual, and the other smaller one tucked inside it. In my case they both survived the trip and storage.


Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

As with the other jungle themed sets, we get another small DSS. As you know we don’t use DSSs in our reviews, but we can say that a couple of the stickers on this sheet may be necessary for details.

Unnumbered bag

Photo of Jungle Rescue Base

The set comes with four numbered bags, of course corresponding to different sections of the build. While the larger parts are usually packed loosely, like the DSS was, instead these parts came in an unprinted plastic bag.

You’ll remember the Medium Azure 16×16 plate also found in Heartlake City Pool and Jungle Falls Rescue, and the Tan 8×16 plate from Heartlake High. The Medium Lavender slide also features in this year’s 10668 The Princess Play Castle, otherwise it would be exclusive to this set. Making a comeback from its only other appearance in 2005 (in 5963 The Princess and the Pea) is part 6205, the Dark Pink 8×16 tile with studs on the edges.

You’ll also remember the Lime vine parts from the other jungle themed sets; like Jungle Tree Sanctuary there are two, but unlike that set we won’t get a spare.