REVIEW: Sunshine Ranch

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GBP 59.99 / USD 69.99

The Residents

You’ll notice I haven’t introduced you to the creatures inhabiting the ranch, so here we go:


Photo of Sunshine Ranch

Sunshine Ranch comes with no less than seven animals, as pictured. Unfortunately one of them is that darned kitten from Olivia’s Tree House, which should have met a fiery demise a long time ago. Very interestingly the regular minifigure-scale chicken also makes an appearance (possibly the first non-Friends animal to do so in a Friends set), and you may remember the long-legged foal from Olivia’s Newborn Foal.

I did forget about the owl in Heartlake High, which is also a minifigure-style animal.


Photo of Sunshine Ranch

Here we have Mia and her friend Liza (the one with the blonde hair): two more minidolls for your collection. Mia has a unique torso the same torso as Danielle from Downtown Bakery in this set, while the trouser and flip-flop combination has been seen way too many times before. Liza has Olivia’s torso from Olivia’s Newborn Foal and skin-tight riding trousers, and differentiates herself from the other characters with the same hairstyle by having an open mouth (like Stephanie). Both minidolls have corresponding riding helmets.