REVIEW: Sunshine Ranch

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GBP 59.99 / USD 69.99

The Packaging

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The box is far wider than my billion-pound white void can handle, so I’ve placed it on a light-coloured fabric surface instead. You can just about fit this in a large carrier bag if you’re taking it home from the store.

As with the previous sets in this rough price range, the box is very busy with all kinds of goings-on. As a surprise play feature, the main building reveals a pair of wings, which means it can relocate at any time, taking all of the animals with it.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

Some more play features are exposed on the back of the box, as well as the announcement of the femme du jour (Mia). This is her second outing in the most expensive set in a wave, if I remember right, following her appearance aboard the Dolphin Cruiser.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

And here she is as a scale reference, along with… oh no, that darned kitten.