REVIEW: Sunshine Ranch

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GBP 59.99 / USD 69.99

The Contents

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The set comes with two identically sized instruction books, which just about survived in good condition. If you like your instructions flat you can always press them between two hard and heavy surfaces.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

A single DSS makes an appearance, and survived very well inside the packed box. Being a ranch set, many of the sticker designs revolve around horses.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The only parts not to get their own bag are these large plates: two 16×16 Tan ones and two 8×16 Bright Pink ones. The Tan ones are more you can add to your collection for that MOC in the future, but I haven’t had any use whatsoever for the Bright Pink ones.


As mentioned in the beginning, we’re going to tackle this set in a different way this time: we’re going to break the build down into each numbered bag (yes, the bags are numbered!).