REVIEW: Sunshine Ranch

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GBP 59.99 / USD 69.99

Bag #1

Most interesting parts

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

In terms of interesting parts, Bag #1 starts things off very strong indeed. We even get yet another brick separator, in case your hundreds of other ones have gone missing (which, strangely enough, mine have) – although one wonders why LEGO haven’t introduced one in a Friends colour.

The picture contains several new parts, one of which is the “gothic arches” (top right) in Reddish Brown, which was introduced last year with the Lord of the Rings theme. People are going crazy over this part, which I really don’t understand.

Much more interesting are the Light Flesh 1×1 round tiles, which I’m affectionately calling “flesh biscuits”. It’s great to see this lucrative piece appearing in many more colours since its introduction, but its appearance in Light Flesh is very surprising: this is the very first widely available non-minifigure, non-animal part, and I’m curious as to whether or not there’ll be more. This part is currently exclusive to this set, and we get five of them to add to our collection.

Also exclusive to the set is the Medium Dark Flesh curved slope and 2×2 plate, which are used for one of the horses. It also makes the set a must-buy if you’re planning on collecting every animal ever made, because I dread to think how much those parts will fetch.

Lastly, yet another exclusive part makes its debut in 2014: the very odd plus-shaped plate in Dark Orange.  This plate is venturing into territory most associated with clone brands, but it potentially solves the issue of stabilising two intersecting walls, where in the past were restricted to using straight plates or a corner plate workaround. You can see the unusual underside of this plate in the top left inset.

Farm stuff

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The set comes with one of those awesome wheelbarrows, used for carting two bales of hay (1×2 grille bricks in Yellow) around, and two large White fences supported by Green 1×2 jumper plates.

Venomous rabbits

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The first real build in the set is this enclosure for a pair of angry wild rabbits, whom can only be tamed with a regular helping of sweet juicy carrots. Those White fence parts date back to 1976, would you believe.

You’ll notice it’s rather tricky, but not impossible, to keep both carrots in the feeding bucket.

Heartlake-ified Chicken

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

Next up is this chicken house. It begins with this odd structure that makes use of the Yellow 4×4 plate with a hole.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The house is reminiscent of one of the animal collectibles sets, although a hen would be too small an animal to consider for one. Perhaps if they included a whole bunch of them, in different colours…

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

Then it turns out that the “flesh biscuits” are for the chicken – and that they go into this convenient little tray that slides underneath the house. My goodness. No, not my goodness…


Photo of Sunshine Ranch

As with numerous other trees in sets reviewed elsewhere on the site, this tree begins life as a series of slopes and bricks in Reddish Brown, with the “gothic arches” forming the branches. This shot is here to demonstrate how the Dark Orange cross plate – and there’s only one of them in this set – comes into play.

Photo of Sunshine Ranch

The tree is completed with foliage, consisting of plant leaves (two large ones in Dark Green, two small ones in Green), some Dark Pink flower plates and some Magenta cherries. A Bright Light Orange basket, also appearing in two other Friends sets, is laid on the grass.


Photo of Sunshine Ranch

As usual, many of the smaller parts in this bag have spares, but we’re treated to two flower plates in Bright Green (unless I’ve missed something). We’re fortunate to have a flesh biscuit to add to our stash, and a spare wheelbarrow tile in case one of the minidolls wears the other out doing donuts.