REVIEW: Heartlake Shopping Mall

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GBP 79.99 / USD 109.99
WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

The Packaging

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

As you can imagine for a set this size, there’s a lot going on in the front. There’s so much to look at in this picture that they couldn’t even fit the car in the scene (bottom left). This one is set to be huge!

Back of the box

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Now here’s something interesting: notice how Stephanie is singled out as the star personality in this set, despite Emma making an appearance. I think LEGO is making a clear statement that Stephanie is indeed the lead character in the world of Friends. How they gonna diss my girl Emma like that, huh?

Scale reference

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

They don’t quite redeem themselves by making Emma the 1:1 scale reference, but boy does she look good.

The Contents

Because there’s so much to look at in this set, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: from here on I’m breaking the contents and builds down by each numbered bag. With a set at this magnitude we would expect numbered bags, and thank goodness they’re present here.

Large plates

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

The parts that don’t come in numbered bags are these large plates, in Bright Light Blue and White. Making its first appearance in my collection is a White 16×16 plate, which will be invaluable for winter and snow-based MOCs come Christmas, given how expensive White baseplates are. We also have two 16×16 and three 8×16 Bright Light Blue plates, as well as a 2×16 Bright Light Blue plate (of which there’s another in one of the numbered bags).


Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

For anyone who likes the DSSs: we’ve got two in this set, one with a foil background and one with a plain white background. As is customary here on, we’re not using either of them in this review.