REVIEW: Heartlake Shopping Mall

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GBP 79.99 / USD 109.99
WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

Bag #7

Interesting parts

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

For fans of the Bright Light Yellow elements introduced with Heartlake High: we get a couple more of them with the 1x6x2 arches and 1x2x3 inverted slopes. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing Bright Light Yellow castles… hint, hint!

You’ll probably have spotted the six 1×3 slopes in Lavender, to go with the other Lavender elements in this set. Fairly soon we’re going to lose complete track of which element are in which colours, but I’m not complaining at all!

Also making a sweet appearance in this bag are four 1×2 pinless bricks in Trans Purple, which I don’t yet have a use for, but will prove to be very lucrative.

That White turban in the bottom right corner is significant for introducing the fourth and final minidoll in this set…

Cakeface Sophie

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Do you remember Sophie from Heartlake Vet? (I’m assuming it’s the same Sophie solely based on the name.) Well she’s back, and in the middle of having a much-needed makeover. She borrows Stephanie’s torso and the lovely Ms. Stevens’ legs from Heartlake High, but the head is unique.

True story: on seeing a glimpse of this minidoll in the official picture, I initially thought that LEGO had started introducing Tan minidolls because of the turban… Oh how I winced when it was pointed out that the turban represented a wrapped towel! But seriously: if they ever run out of ideas, Tan minidolls would be a good place to start.

Fake It Make It beauty salon

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Welcome to the construction of yet another beauty salon, following on from the Butterfly Beauty Shop reviewed quite a while ago. It’s only a matter of time before someone opens a cosmetic surgery clinic in Heartlake City… and Mia will be at the front of the queue!

One thing this beauty shop does differently is the introduction of a fish pedicure chair: whatever happened to that trend, eh? I guess the fish couldn’t take all those nasty feet.

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Another sorely missing feature is the addition of a nail bar, but sadly no Chinese minidolls to go with it. (Unless the minidolls were made in China… okay, I’ll leave that alone.)

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Moving swiftly on from that gaffe, we construct the front of the shop, which has a 50s/60s vibe to it with the Bright Light Yellow colour and the slopes.

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Did I say 50s/60s vibe? It couldn’t get any more obvious, once the Lavender/White awning is added.

Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Sophie: “It’s been four hours – shouldn’t I wash this off now? Hello? Anyone there? I feel tingly…”


Photo of Heartlake Shopping Mall

Compared to the other bags, the leftovers in this one are lacklustre IMO – but that’s what we’re given.