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WARNING: this review may contain content unsuitable for children.

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We’ve got one more Fang Gang member to introduce you folks to, and we’ve saved the most unusual one of all for last. Yes, it’s the turn of Jawg to be reviewed, and this is going to be interesting…

The Packaging

Photo of Jawg

Several things come to mind, but right now I’m thinking this is a rendition of a hippopotamus with an extraordinarily long tail. It should be wallowing around in mud!

The Contents

Photo of Jawg

The selection of interesting parts isn’t as exciting or visually stimulating as with Chomly or Gobba, but we still receive a few treats. Take those 1×2 SNOT bricks in Medium Stone Grey, for example, the nine Dark Brown cheese slopes, or the two Black 1×2 slope plates. There’s a sole Dark Orange part in the shape of a 2×2 plate.

The Build

Photo of Jawg

Something to look forward to is how the build for Jawg starts out differently to the others; the base is built using two “offset” Dark Stone Grey plates that act as legs. Those parts remind me of the old Space sets (specifically thinking of Space Police).

Photo of Jawg

The lower half of Jawg’s particularly menacing mouth takes shape with the help of some 1×1 plates with clips, and of course those White horn parts I never have a use for. The 2×2 round Red tile that’s used for the tongue is the newer variety (with a stud holder in the centre bottom).

Notice the SNOT technique used to give Jawg textured sides.

Photo of Jawg

Jawg: “I say, thank you for these delightful reviews of my fellow tribespeople, I’ve been waiting patiently for the opportunity to have us represented…”

Photo of Jawg

Jawg: “As you can see, the designers at LEGO have taken painstaking care in creating my form, which almost resembles that of a Creator model, except in smaller scale. Witness the addition of an extremely long tail complete with Reddish Brown barb, formed from a 1×1 cone brick.”

The Completed Set

Photo of Jawg

Jawg: “Possibly my most distinctive feature is the angle at which my jaw is able to open: far greater than that of any other Mixel reviewed to date. Though I must say, I’m terribly uncomfortable with these 1×2 Dark Brown slopes they’ve given me as feet. Indeed, they make me look like a child’s toy!”


Photo of Jawg

Jawg: “Should you wish to purchase one of my likenesses, you’ll be left with a cheese slope and a spare tooth, should they be reckless and lose one during their daily luncheon.”

The fiercely loyal and energetic leader of the Fang Gang, JAWG will stop at nothing to protect and help this quirky Mixel tribe. The Fang Gang live on a farm where they plant anything to try and grow more food to satisfy their massive appetites. JAWG is a bit of an animal, and won’t hesitate to bite intruders with those incredibly huge, fang-like teeth. Beware of JAWG!

The Verdict

Jawg is one of the more interesting Mixels to look at, and differs greatly from the others in that it’s a fairly intricate build. I actually prefer it without the Dark Brown slopes for feet.

Apart from opening and closing its huge mouth, it has no play features whatsoever, so it’s definitely one of those models to go on a workplace desk, perhaps holding sticky notes or other handy items. Maybe it can be caught trying to devour minidolls or minifigures?

I’m giving this one 5.6/10, which concludes our visit to the Fang Gang. Join us next time for the remaining tribe in Mixels Series 2!