REVIEW: 2013 City Advent Calendar

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GBP 19.99 / USD 29.99

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Welcome – to all of my four readers – to another SilentMode review, and my second on an advent calendar set. This year’s offerings in the City, Friends and Star Wars theme came out a while ago, and I haven’t had the time or desire to pick any of them up… but to have something different to review, I bought a couple of them last weekend.

This year the seasonal promotion fetish was more obvious than ever. No sooner than October 31 had passed did the shops all of a sudden start promoting Christmas and spending as much money as you can get hold of (but not necessarily possess) to make ungrateful people happy for ten seconds. Only the supermarkets had gotten in on the act any earlier, with aisles being dedicated to Christmas goods as early as September.

Rant over.